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Trinity BloodTrinity Blood (γƒˆγƒͺニティ・ブラッド)Trinity Blood
24 TV episodes24 TV episodes
May 5, 2006 (theatrical release)April 28, 2005
Sunao Yoshida (based on the original novel)
Tomohiro Hirata
Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-FiAction, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-Fi
Abel NightroadAbel Nightroad
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Astharoshe AsranAstharoshe Asran
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Cain NightlordCain Nightlord
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Caterina SforzaCaterina Sforza
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Dietrich von LohengrinDietrich von Lohengrin
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Description: Trinity Blood

It's far into the future, where centuries ago the people of Earth somehow managed to survive the greatest man-made catastrophe ever... yes, life continued on despite the obscene amount of death and destruction... but not without consequences, for in the aftermath a new species emerged, those people who are much stronger and faster... those who have fangs and thirst for the blood of human... yes friends, I speak of vampires! Who would have imagined that the creatures of lore from so long ago would end up a reality due to man's ability for destruction.

Meet Father Abel Nightroad, a touring priest from the Vatican that we are introduced to at a bar aboard a flying airship called the Triston as he asks for a cup of tea with thirteen spoonfulls of sugars... because he hasn't eaten in over twenty hours and a cup of tea is all he can afford. Father Nightroad is a tall, gangly man with white hair, a long black coat, small round glasses, and a smile on his face. He actually reminds me a lot of Vash the Stampede from the Trigun anime series. And like Vash, there is this uneasy feeling about Father Nightroad like there is much more to him than meets the eye.

The barmaid, is Jessica Langston, a cute young lady with brown hair who is studying to be a pilot. Father Nightroad definitely takes a liking to her, despite the fact that she accidentally spills his tea with thirteen spoonfulls of sugar all over him. Perhaps it's because she offers to make him a sandwich, on the house, to make up for her mistake... or perhaps it's something deeper. Before she can make the sandwich, however, she is called to the bridge to serve the pilots, and while there, she becomes witness to a vampire attack. Just as her neck is about to feel the hot fangs, in stumbles Father Nightroad (just like how Vash tends to "stumble" into these types of situations), and rescues are maiden in distress, either by accident or by extreme skill....

Meanwhile, the Vatican learns of this hijacking. Led by the pope, Alessandro, a mere boy with no leadership qualities (or backbone for that matter), he is often influenced by his brother and sister's suggestions. In this circumstance, his brother insists that a missile be launched at the Trison, feeling that casualties of innocents are justified in order to show that this kind of action will not be permitted by a vampire... and unfortunately, Alessandro does his bidding, meaning now the lives of everyone on board depend on the actions of starving Father Nightroad and pilot-in-training barmaid Jessica Langston!

Trinity Blood Nightroad somehow manages to override what the vampire did to take control of the ship's computers, giving Jessica the ability to pilot this ship manually. Nightroad then daringly confronts the vampire on top of the flying behemoth... human versus vampire? Not quite... as this showdown is where we come into the fact that Nightroad isn't a Terran (normal human), but nor is he a vampire... he is a Crusnik, a man with the abilities of a vampire but who feeds on vampires. The next evolution! Yes, this tall, gangly, seemingly clumsy guy is actually a badass vampire killer!

Of course, killing the vampire isn't going to stop the missile that's still heading right for the ship, and this big hunk of a ship just doesn't have the maneuvering ability to avoid said missile. Enter Gunslinger, a cold and calculating android who swoops in from another ship not far from the Trison and takes out the missile with amazing accuracy only moments before impact. Also known as Tres X or H C Tres Iqus, this guy's mechanical reflexes are just as fast as vampires, and his strength is on par as well. Plus, his mostly electronic brain can be a big help in certain situations. Trust me, this is one character that you want on YOUR team!

Man, and that's just the beginning of the story. Things start to get way stranger when they meet a little girl named Elyse Wasmeyer. Although she appears like a cute, innocent little girl with short dirty blond hair, she's actually a mutant with a special, serious telepathic ability to affect the minds of both humans and vampires. And that means everyone either wants her, or wants her dead. Sucks for her, but it rocks for us as we get to take in all the action!

Description: Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood takes place after Armageddon itself. Within the ashes of the near-annihilation of the Earth comes a new threat. Humanity is plagued by vampires that stalk and terrorize the living. Mankind has been fighting a fierce war against this supernatural threat, with little resolution to the conflict.

Though humanity has continued to thrive technologically, vampires still remain a threat to mankind. To counter this powerful threat the Vatican has dispatched warriors from around the world in order to protect humanity.

The story focuses on Abel Nightroad, a priest of the Vatican traveling the world. However, despite his friendly, cheerful and somewhat goofy appearance, he is a vampire's worst nightmare in disguise. For Abel is a Special vampire that feeds on vampires. However, Abel discovers that he's not the only one of his kind....

Description: Trinity Blood

Trinity Blood is an anime based on a series of books with the same title. The anime is about a community called The Vatican that is protecting the Earth against the Contra Mundi and The RozenKreuz Orden. They also try to make a peace treaty with the Methuselah of the Empire. The Empire is the community of the Methuselah the nobles live there as well.

Trinity Blood

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