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Character Profile: Baby Lu

USA Info
Japanese Info
Baby Lu Baby Ruu Baby Lu (UFO Baby)
Humanoid Alien Humanoid Alien
Male Male
Probably about 1 year old Probably about 1 year old
Yellow Yellow
Purple/violet Purple/violet
UFO Baby UFO Baby
"Naaaaaaa..." "Da!Da!Da!"
  Mika Kanai
UFO Baby Da! Da! Da!

Character Description: Baby Lu

Baby Lu is a baby alien from planet Auto. He is very cute and adorable and looks like any other human baby. Because of his small age, he doesn't speak much else but Miyu, Kanata, Momoka, and Bowmeow's names. Actually, he and his pet-babysitter Bowmeow were roaming around the space when they got struck inside a wormhole and then landed at Saionji Temple, that is Kanata's home in Japan.

Though Lu is just a baby and at first couldn't live without his parents who were in planet Auto, and trying their best to get back their son, he still got very attached to Miyu, Kanata, and their friends. But being an alien is not the only thing that makes Lu different from others... he can fly, can make things levitate, and a lot more!

Lu also has a lot of fans, most of them who are Miyu and Kanata's friends but also some girls... Momoka and Kome. Kome has a very small part in the series but it is actually Momoka who calls herself (and actually is) Lu's girlfriend. Lu can't understand all this so he's nice with both of them.

Baby Lu has big beautiful violet eyes and cute chubby cheeks. He is very cute and friendly nature, which makes him my favorite Baby in Anime.

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