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Character Profile: Kevin Mask

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kevin Mask Kevin Mask Kevin Mask (Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy)
Human Human
Male Male
Around 20 years old Around 20 years old
Dirty blonde/green Dirty blonde/green
Yellow Yellow
Lone wolf/rebel Lone wolf/rebel
"Big Ben bash!"  
Ted Lewis Ryôtarô Okiayu
Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy Kinnikuman Nisei

Character Description: Kevin Mask

Kevin Mask, son of Robin Mask, loathes his father. He had an extremely strict upbringing, quite the opposite of Kid Muscle's. Kevin was put through rigorous training and study. He never had any friends; all he knew was fighting and studying.

But one day he discovered how strong and intelligent he had become, and he broke free of his father. For a while he went around the streets of London (where he grew up) beating up street punks and gangs. Then one day he was offered a place in the dMp, which he took happily. However, after realizing how little nobility they had, after watching the fights between Kid Muscle and Dialbolic, and Wally Tusket, and then after he failed Kid and Pumpinator, he left, but did not take the Muscle League up on their offer to join.

He then continued to fight as a loner, although he helped Kid Muscle and the Muscle League to save Roxanne from the Poison Six Pack, and later on takes part in the Chojin Crown tournament.

Kevin is also a friend of Mars/Eskara, as they met while training for the dMp. Mars saved his life at one point, and so Kevin told Mars how to get out of the Kinniku/Butt Buster, giving away a Muscle league secret (that Buffaloman originally found out) and betraying his father.

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