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Character Profile: Mantaro Kinnikuman

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mantaro KinnikumanMantaro KinnikuMantaro Kinnikuman (Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy)
Kid MuscleKinnikuman Taro
· · ·
Ultimate Muscle
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The Kid
Kinniku (from planet Muscle)Kinniku (from planet Muscle)
About 14-15 years old (source: manga)About 14-15 years old (source: manga)
Brown (mostly bald)Brown (mostly bald)
About 5'9"About 175 cm
About 163 lbs.About 73.9 kg
Member of the Muscle LeagueMember of the Justice Chojin
"But my mum dresses me!"
Marc ThompsonMasaya Onosaka
Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman LegacyKinnikuman Nisei

Character Description: Mantaro Kinnikuman

Born on Muscle Planet, Mantaro Kinnikuman, son of legendary wrestler King Muscle, lived the life of luxury. His parents spoiled him rotten and he loved every minute of it. But when the dMp made a resurrection on planet Earth, a council consisting of IWF owner Vance McMadd, Mantaro's grandfather, and many former wrestling legends decided that Mantro must fight this threat. Why him? He has the power of Ultimate Muscle, a power that is passed down generation to generation that would make him strong enough to defeat the dMp.

So without even having his consent, Mantaro, now known as Kid Muscle, was sent to train first at the Hercules Factory, and then with his father's former trainer, Meat. After graduating from the Factory, he is teamed up with fellow students, Terry, Dik Dik, and Wally to fight the dMp as well as many other evils of the wrestling world.

Kid is by far the best wrestler in the Muscle League, but usually likes to slack off and meet women than fight. Also during matches before turning Ultimate Muscle, he either underestimates or is totally frightened (sometimes both) of his opponent. He is a slob and always likes to stuff his face. His favorite food is cow and rice.

Character Description: Mantaro Kinnikuman

If I were to describe a character as whiny, a cry baby, a klutz, and a coward, you'd probably think I'd be talking about someone like Sailor Moon, not a wrestler! Kid Muscle hates pain, which can get him to quite a few sticky situations... SINCE HE'S A WRESTLER! This makes Ultimate Muscle quite a funny anime to watch.

Kid Muscle is the son of King Muscle. He has a crush on Roxanne, a high school student who loves wrestling. Kid Muscle doesn't actually want to be a wrestler. He was entered into the business against his will.

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