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Character Profile: Terry Kenyon Jr.

USA Info
Japanese Info
Terry Kenyon Jr. Terry "The Kid" Terry Kenyon Jr. (Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy)
The Grand  
Human Human
Male Male
Blonde Blonde
Black Black
Member of the Muscle League Member of the Justice Chojin
"If you were drowning, I'd swim the other way"  
John Campbell  
Ultimate Muscle: The Kinnikuman Legacy Kinnikuman Nisei

Character Description: Terry Kenyon Jr.

Texas born, Terry Kenyon Jr., son to legendary wrestler Terryman, was the brief rival to Kid Muscle in the Hercules Factory. He assumed that his dad was held back from being a superstar by Kid Muscle's dad. When Kid Muscle was facing Boaconda from the dMp, Terry was still insulting The Kid until a mysterious cloaked man (King Muscle) told him that King Muscle always thought of Terryman as a role model for him, and that Terryman indeed had won a trophy with King Muscle as a tag team, but would not accept it saying just being friends was enough.

From that day forward Terry changed his tune, he helped The Kid beat Boaconda, and after graduation became a part of the Muscle League along with his new best friends, Kid Muscle, Dik Dik, and Wally.

Terry, is the most responsible of the Muscle League and is a well balanced wrestler. He also has a lot of real technical moves and holds, but the lack of off-the-wall moves like the others sometimes proves to be his downfall.

Character Description: Terry Kenyon Jr.

Loud mouthed, hot headed, mullet wearing Terry Kenyon is the son of Terry-Man. Originally, he hated the Kinnikuman family because his father always used to come second to King Muscle. Terry made it his goal to defeat the son of King Muscle. When he found out how much King Muscle valued his old friend Terry-Man, Terry gave up on his desire to defeat Kid and helped him win his match against Boaconda.

Terry has a habit of not listening, but he always makes good on his mistakes and becomes a true hero, just like his old man.

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