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LumLumLum (Urusei Yatsura)
17 years old17 years old
Varies, mostly greenVaries, mostly green
Varies, mostly blueVaries, mostly blue
Alien princess, student at Tomobiki HighAlien princess, student at Tomobiki High
Fumi Hirano
Urusei YatsuraUrusei Yatsura
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Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer (Movie 2)Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer (Movie 2)

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Lum

Beautiful but Deadly! Lum tries to embrace Ataru one minute, and shocks him senseless the next. On good days she combines the two.

Lum is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Invader of planet Oniboshi. She posesses powers of flight and lightning like electroshock. The source of her power is her horns, which is also her only vulnerable spot.

Lum originally came to earth to conquer it for her father. Instead she fell in love with her opponent, Ataru. Lum is almost insanely jealous of all the women Ataru chases, and is every bit as vengeful and malicious as she is cute. Her cooking physically distorts most humans, and her temper is worse than Godzilla on speed.

Lum (Urusei Yatsura) For all that spice, though, Lum is made of sugar as well. Lum loves Ataru. That's not to say that she's not willing to make his and everyone else's life a living hell to get him. She frequently makes emabarrassing remarks about her life with Ataru to try to discourage other girls from seeing him. A cry such as 'We're gonna make a baby on Saturday Night!' is the one of the least of her exclamations. She offers physical pleasures to Ataru on a regular basis, which he regularly ignores. Lum is very deeply hurt though, when he chases other girls, and does her best to dissuade him, usually with near fatal results.

Lum changes everything around her (much the same way a hurricane does), be it the town, the people, or the longterm weather patterns. She is loved by most, if not all of the men in Tomobiki, and hated by most, if not all of the women. Lum only has eyes for Ataru, and hopes to be able to change his lecherous ways, but often causes a disaster instead.

Character Description: Lum

Lum is a girl who's irrevocably in love with that lecherous and luckless lout Ataru Moroboshi. One could argue that no one normal could love such a man but then again, Lum is not your ordinary teenage girl.

Lum is the alien daughter of an powerful space warlord, and more specifically she's an Oni. In ancient Japanese mythology, oni were evil demons which were a product of mankind's bad karma. Lum's race is an alien version of the same demons. Lum can usually be seen wearing her tiger-striped bikini outfit which always turns heads, especially in a conservative Japanese society. She has the power to fly and can produce high-voltage electricity. She uses these alien powers to keep Ataru from flirting. But that is always a vain attempt.

She is a vivacious and uninhibited extraterrestrial. She's full of sex-appeal, glamour and feminine charm. An honest and caring girl who isn't afraid to show her feelings. A firm believer in standing by your man (even if her man hardly ever stands by her). But she has another more frightening side to her. Lum has a very bad temper, and an extremely jealous nature. Her response to these feelings of anger are usually in the form of a massive electrical zapping (or even huge wooden hammers). Also Lum is very stubborn. When she sets her mind on something, she doesn't let it go. Even though Lum is quick to anger, she never stays like that for long. Most of the time she's very vibrant and carefree.

Lum (Urusei Yatsura) With her exotic alien beauty and cute pop-idol attitude, she's really popular with the boys. Any one of her male classmates would kill for a date with her. Even so, she is completely devoted to Ataru. She thinks of him as her husband and refers to him only as "Darling". Lum follows Ataru everywhere he goes. Soon Lum wanted to be with Ataru as much as possible so she enrolled herself as a student at Tomobiki High School in the same class as Ataru. Her Darling keeps running from her Lum knows that deep down, he really does love her.

Being of an advanced alien race, Lum is always bringing out peculiar alien technology. Shrinking rays, time traveling machines, portal openers, cloning guns and much more. Many more absurd gadgets she keeps in her bikini top. Lum's UFO which hovers over earth is filled with technological wonders which are often more troublesome than they are beneficial to earth culture. Often Lum will use her advantages in technology to try to control Ataru or make him more faithful to her, but it usually ends up causing more damage.

Lum is very intelligent but still very naive to earth's customs. Therefore she often misunderstands what people say, always with catastrophic results. One consequence of this was that she thought that Ataru proposed to her, when he never did. Also she thought it meant instant marriage. It wasn't until later when she realised that she would have to have a proper ceremony. But often Ataru has found that he could exploit her naivete as well as her love for him to suit his purposes.

Lum (Urusei Yatsura) The one thing Lum is not, is a good cook. Not only because she has a penchant for extraodrinarily spicy food but mostly because her strange alien food doesn't go over too well with earth creatures. Often her Oni cuisine has disfiguring effects. This is something Ataru has learned the hard way.

It is often speculated that Lum's mere prescence in Tomobiki has warped and altered the the town and that's why weird things keep happening there. Because of this, the fates of the people and situations that occur daily in Tomobiki seem intertwined with her existance. If she was ever to leave, all of the weirdness would stop. It would just be normal. But that's no fun.

As an additional note Lum constanly uses an unusual dialect. She says "uchi" when refering to herself and almost always uses "tcha" as a verb ending (listen for it, it comes up A LOT). Her speech is patterned after a very cute saccarine-laden style used in Japan by young girls who are trying to be cute, almost sickeningly so.

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