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Character Profile: Countess Carmilla

USA Info
Japanese Info
Countess Carmilla Countess Carmilla Countess Carmilla (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust)
The Bloody Countess The Bloody Countess
Vampire Vampire
Female Female
Very old(appears about 30-ish) Very old(appears about 30-ish)
Red Red
Yellow Yellow
"Humans are nothing more than livestock"  
  Bibari Maede
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Character Description: Countess Carmilla

Carmilla is a lesbian vampiress who wears a mask to conceal the fact that she's dead. She was known as "The Bloody Countess" because of her terrible bloodlust. I'd say it was because 5,000 years ago D's father, Count Dracula, imapiled her on his sword while she was sleeping.

Carmilla offers to help Meier and Charlotte by giving them a ship so that they can go to outer space together. The entire time she was only using them so that she could take Charlotte's blood and use it to resurrect herself.

Carmilla is based on real fifteenth-century European countess Elizabeth Bathory, who started torturing and murdering her maids so she could bathe in their drained blood to rejuvenate herself. She then started luring girls to her castle in promise of work, only to do the same to them. After a few years she was finally caught and walled up in her chambers only to go mad and die. The part when Carmilla's reanimated corpse is bathing in Charlotte's blood is a direct allusion to this.

In the video game, she is not a very nice person and is one of your enemies (obviously). Carmilla is very powerful. A parody of her can be seen in the GBA video game Castlevaina: Circle of the Moon, bearing the name Camilla (no "r").

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