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Character Profile: Grove Marcus

USA Info
Japanese Info
Grove Marcus Grove Marcus Grove Marcus (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust)
Human Human
Male Male
White White
Yellow Yellow
5'8" 173 cm
Marcus Brother, Vampire Hunter Marcus Brother, Vampire Hunter
"Leila, I'm warning you...he...he's trouble. He's against us."  
Jack Fletcher Toshihiko Seki
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Character Description: Grove Marcus

Grove Marcus is a member of the vampire hunter team "The Marcus Brothers." He's appears sick and is constantly bedridden. Most often he sits in the car/tank while the others fight off vampires. He's in no way useless though. When injected with a special serum he can project his spirit, while his body lays in bed, which can fire laser sort of things and can hover.

He's in love with Leila and is constantly watching our for her. When Leila is held captive in Carmilla's castle by a bitten Borgoff, Grove barges in and sacrifices himself to save her. Other than Meier, he might be my favorite character.

Character Description: Grove Marcus

Grove is the youngest Marcus Brother. He is very ill and weak for some unknown reason, and is always bed-ridden.

Frail but kind, Grove cares for Leila so much (loves even) that he sacriced himself for her with his special ability. Grove, when given a strange drug, can send his spirit from his body and shoot laser beams through any creature while gliding angelicly at top speed! Bad thing is his soul isn't invincible.

Nobody's really sure but I think that Grove can do that spirit by himself but just needs an injection to help him get out of his body. This makes sense because only he could do it.

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