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Wedding PeachAi Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach (愛天使伝説ウェディング・ピーチ) ("Legend of the Angel of Love: Wedding Peach")Wedding Peach
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Legend of the Angel of Love: Wedding Peach
51 TV episodes, 4 OVA episodes51 TV episodes, 4 OVA episodes
Wedding Peach DX
Momoko Hanasaki/Wedding PeachMomoko Hanasaki/Wedding Peach
· · ·
Scarlet O'Hara/Angel SalviaScarlet O'Hara/Angel Salvia
· · ·
Tamano Hinagiku/Angel DaisyTamano Hinagiku/Angel Daisy
· · ·
Yuri Tanima/Angel LilyYuri Tanima/Angel Lily
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Characters: Wedding Peach

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Momoko Hanasaki/Wedding Peach Momoko Hanasaki/Wedding Peach Fuuma Yousuke ⊕ Fuuma Yousuke ⊕
Scarlet O'Hara/Angel Salvia Scarlet O'Hara/Angel Salvia Jamapi ⊕ Jamapi ⊕
Tamano Hinagiku/Angel Daisy Tamano Hinagiku/Angel Daisy Takurou ⊕ Takurou ⊕
Yuri Tanima/Angel Lily Yuri Tanima/Angel Lily Yanagiba Kazuya ⊕ Yanagiba Kazuya ⊕

Description: Wedding Peach

There was a battle between the world of angels and the world of devils. The devils, lead by Rain Devila, wanted to take away all of the love on earth. They wanted something called saint something four, which was supposed to be a very powerful item that can be used in the battle against the world of angels.

So Aphrodite, the queen of the world of angels, gave powers to normal junior high school students to fight against the devils. She also needed the saint something four to protect her world from the devils. The three girls who transform into the fighters were Momoko Hanasaki, Yuri Tanima, and Hinagiku Tamano, who were first year students of Sei Hanazono Gakuen junior high school. The three girls received items that enabled them to transform into Wedding Peach, Angel Lily, and Angel Daisy.

In the latter half of the TV series, a new fighter angel, Angel Salvia, appeared.

The transformation of the girls goes from normal clothes to wedding dress, to battle outfit. Why is this stage to the wedding dress necessary? This is because they need to build up the power of love, which is necessary for the final transformation. The girls do not do much fighting while they are in their wedding dress outfits, as it is too big and clumsy to fight in. The battle suits that they wear are very sexy, slightly armored outfits.

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