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Character Profile: Shion Uzuki

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shion Uzuki Shion Uzuki Shion Uzuki (Xenosaga: The Animation)
Human Human
Female Female
22 years old 22 years old
Brown Brown
Green Green
Head, KOS-MOS Project, Vector Heavy Industrial Head, KOS-MOS Project, Vector Heavy Industrial
Stephanie Wittels Ai Maeda
Episode 1, "Awakening" Episode 1, "Awakening"
Xenosaga: The Animation Xenosaga: The Animation

Character Description: Shion Uzuki

At age 18, Shion Uzuki, one of the youngest scientists in Vector Heavy Industrial, became the head scientist of the KOS-MOS project, the purpose being to created the ultimate anti-Gnosis weapon. Working alongside her fiancé, Kevin Wolcott, Shion carefully developed the android's systems. However, upon the first activation, KOS-MOS suddenly went berserk, killing much of the team – including Wolcott, who had placed himself in front of Shion, sacrificing himself to save her. Shion was forced to destroy KOS-MOS's head to stop her.

Still undeterred by this setback, Shion, this time taking on Allen Ridgeley, continued to work on the android's systems for the next two years, as well as participating in virtual reality simulated battles with KOS-MOS. However, along the way to Second Milta, the Vector fleet, led by the Woglinde, encountered a Zohar Emulator and brought it onboard. It was there that she first encountered Nephilim, who was an image in front of the Emulator. Shion later met Kirschwasser, who had disguised herself as a 100-series Realian (Shion had gave Kirschwasser a bunny doll, which she treasured). It was later that the Woglinde fleet was attacked by a fleet of Gnosis, Shion had been grabbed and was about to die as a result – but was saved by KOS-MOS. So far, Shion was the only human who had been touched by a Gnosis and was not changed into a Gnosis as a result.

Shion has great respect for Realians. After the deaths of her parents during the Miltian Conflict, she was raised by a Realian nanny, Febronia, whose organs later saved Lt. Louis Virgil (a.k.a. the Blue Testament). Although a good cook, she knows only one recipe – curry dishes. She also suffers from astraphobia – fear of thunder, a result from the Miltian Conflict.

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