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Lt. Louis VirgilLt. Louis VirgilLt. Louis Virgil (Xenosaga: The Animation)
The Blue TestamentThe Blue Testament
Human (until Episode 8)Human (until Episode 8)
Early 40'sEarly 40's
Soldier, later aide to WilhelmSoldier, later aide to Wilhelm
Andrew LoveTomokazu Seki
Episode 1, "Awakening" (Louis Virgil), Episode 10, "The Weapon" (as the Blue Testament)Episode 1, "Awakening" (Louis Virgil), Episode 10, "The Weapon" (as the Blue Testament)
Xenosaga: The AnimationXenosaga: The Animation

Character Description: Lt. Louis Virgil

Lt. Louis Virgil was a soldier in the Galaxy Federation. He had an unreasoning hate for all Realians (possibly because he accepted organs from a Realian, Febronia, to save him from DMA addiction, for which his face shows the effects), and would often be disgusted by the attitudes of people like Shion Uzuki. To him, Realians possessed no will of their own, despite their assertions to the contrary. However, it didn't stop him from working side-by-side with them.

During the attack on the Woglinde, Virgil was haunted by the sight of fellow soldiers killed by the touch of Gnosis, and wishes to see honor restored to them. He accompanied Shion, Allen Ridgeley and KOS-MOS after they had evacuated the Woglinde after it was destroyed. They were later picked up by the Elsa Van Brabant, and helped out the crew when they were pursued by U-TIC's Pellegri, and were rescued by Rubedo and the Kukai Foundation's Durandal.

Virgil's help was instrumental when U-TIC tried to have the Kukai Foundation framed for the Woglinde attack (their innocence was proven by accessing KOS-MOS's triple-encrypted records), as well as battling Pellegri in space during the crisis.

However, not long afterward, when U-TIC used the Song of Nephilim to summon a horde of Gnosis to the Kukai Foundation, Virgil, along with Ziggy, Rubedo and chaos, aided in fighting the invading Gnosis. However, during the battle, Virgil ended up killed when KOS-MOS used her X-Buster to clear the Gnosis from the Kukai Foundation – and Virgil was in the line of fire.

However, that was not the end of Virgil. Like Kevin Wolcott (Shion's fiance, who was killed two years previous by KOS-MOS), who after his death became the Red Testament, Virgil became the Blue Testament, and now aids the C.E.O of Vector Heavy Industrial, Wilhelm, as they watch the events in the galaxy – which included the discovery of the original Zohar on Earth in the distant past.

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