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Anime Profile: Xenosaga: The Animation

USA Info
Japanese Info
Xenosaga: The Animation Xenosaga: The Animation Xenosaga: The Animation
12 TV Episodes 12 TV Episodes
  Jan 5, 2005–March 23, 2005
ADV Films(original licensor), FUNimation(new licensor) Toei Animation, TV Asahi, Namuko Corp
  Square Enix/Namuko Corp(Based on the PS2 game)
  Shigeyasu Yamauchi, Tsuyoshi Koga
Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha
Albedo Piazzolla Albedo Piazzolla
· · ·
Captain Matthews Captain Matthews
· · ·
chaos chaos
· · ·
Febronia Febronia
· · ·
Jin Uzuki Jin Uzuki
· · ·
Joachim Mizrahi Joachim Mizrahi
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Xenosaga: The Animation

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Albedo Piazzolla Albedo Piazzolla Pellegri Pellegri
Captain Matthews Captain Matthews Rubedo Rubedo
chaos chaos Sakura Mizrahi Sakura Mizrahi
Febronia Febronia Shelly Godwin Shelly Godwin
Jin Uzuki Jin Uzuki Shion Uzuki Shion Uzuki
Joachim Mizrahi Joachim Mizrahi Ziggy Ziggy
Juli Mizrahi Juli Mizrahi Allen Ridgely Allen Ridgely
KOS-MOS KOS-MOS Andrew Andrew
Louis Virgil Louis Virgil Gaignun Gaignun
Lt. Cmdr. Vanderkam Lt. Cmdr. Vanderkam Kirschwasser Kirschwasser
M.O.M.O M.O.M.O Tony Tony
Mary Godwin Mary Godwin Wilheim Wilheim
Nephilim Nephilim Xenosaga Xenosaga
Nigredo Nigredo    

Anime Description: Xenosaga: The Animation

It's been 4000 years since mankind left the Earth to venture out into space. However, humanity faces a new challenge called the Gnosis, an alien species that is threatening the colonists. In the midst of this crisis, a new battle droid was created to combat the threat of the Gnosis... its name is KOS-MOS, and is a female android with amazing battle capabilities.

When a ship comes under attack, KOS-MOS is activated and manages to rescue her creator Shion Uzuki. However, KOS-MOS defies Shion's orders to fulfill her own mysterious agenda. The situation gets more and more complicated when Shion's ship is destroyed and she is forced to defend herself not only against the Gnosis, but the U-TIC Organization as well.

What is KOS-MOS' true purpose, and will Shion and the rest of humanity survive the Gnosis onslaught?

This anime is based on the first game of the Xenosaga series, "Der Wille zur Macht" (The Will for Power).

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