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Anime Profile: Yaiba: The Little Samurai

USA Info
Japanese Info
Yaiba: The Little Samurai Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba(剣勇伝説YAIBA)("Legend of Swordmaster Yaiba") Yaiba: The Little Samurai
· · ·
  Legend of Swordmaster Yaiba
52 TV episodes 52 TV episodes
1993 1993
TV Tokyo TV Tokyo
  Gousho Aoyama
  Norihiko Sudo
Comedy, Fantasy Comedy, Fantasy
Yaiba Kurogane Yaiba Kurogane
· · ·
Jubei Yagyu Jubei Yagyu
· · ·
Kojiro Sazaki Kojiro Sazaki
· · ·
Mushashi Miyamoto Mushashi Miyamoto
· · ·
Princess Moon Princess Moon
· · ·
Sayaka Mine Sayaka Mine
· · ·
Takeshi Onimaru Takeshi Onimaru

Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Description: Yaiba: The Little Samurai

Yaiba is a young master swordsman who fights various demonic enemies and his governor The Devil of Wind "Takeshi Onimaru", using the magical sword called The Sword of God of Thunder. He stays with his father's old adversary, Raizo, and goes to the same school as Raizo's cute daughter, Sayaka Mine.

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