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Trouble ChocolateTrouble Chocolate
20 TV episodes (on DVD)20 TV episodes
October 22, 2002Oct 9, 1999–Mar 25, 2000
VizTV Asahi
Harada Tsunefumi
Tsuneo Tominaga
Crazy ComedyCrazy Comedy
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Cacao βŠ• Cacao βŠ•
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Deborah βŠ• Deborah βŠ•
· · ·
Ham-Ham βŠ• Ham-Ham βŠ•
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Hinano βŠ• Hinano βŠ•
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Mackerel βŠ• Sanma ("Mackerel") βŠ•
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Characters: Trouble Chocolate

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Cacao βŠ• Cacao βŠ• Ororonba βŠ• Ororonba βŠ•
Deborah βŠ• Deborah βŠ• Professor Big Bang βŠ• Professor Big Bang βŠ•
Ham-Ham βŠ• Ham-Ham βŠ• Professor Ganache βŠ• Professor Ganache βŠ•
Hinano βŠ• Hinano βŠ• Professor Papaya βŠ• Professor Papaya βŠ•
Mackerel βŠ• Sanma ("Mackerel") βŠ• Sardine βŠ• Iwashi ("Sardine") βŠ•
Master βŠ• Master βŠ• Truffle βŠ• Truffle βŠ•
Murakata βŠ• Murakata βŠ• Wheat βŠ• Mugi ("Wheat") βŠ•

Description: Trouble Chocolate

In a world of magic and sorcery, where monsters, wizards, and vampires teach classes at Micro-Grand Academy in "Cranky" Sakai Town, one might not think it too strange waking up next to a mysterious green-haired girl, even if that girl did happen to be completely made out of wood. Well, that's not the case, at least not for Cacao, a student at Micro-Grand Academy who happened to find himself in that exact situation. He was surprised as all hell. In fact, at first he wouldn't even believe it was true. He convinced himself it was all just a dream he was having, and went right back to bed. When he awoke once again, the mysterious green-haired girl was nowhere to be found, and a relieved Cacao went on with his morning routine.

Ah, but what kind of crazy anime would this be if it ended right there?! So of course he stumbles across her once again, and in the bath no less! Her name is Hinano, and she seems quite taken with our poor, confused Cacao, though unfortunately he has no memory of her, or how they met, or even what happened after school the previous day. But there will be plenty of time for all that later, 'cause right now has to freak out and run outside! And who happens to be outside but a master training his two female martial arts students, who just happen to think Cacao is some pervert coming to attack them. So yep, they slam him with a double kick. Oh, but Hinano doesn't appreciate that at all! Thinking that Cacao was killed, a wave of emotion comes over her which emanates itself as some kind of power like you'd expect to see in Dragon Ball Z, and she blasts them all completely out of the town.

Trouble Chocolate Then Cacao wakes up. After all, it's just like Cacao says, how can the hero die in the first episode? So now it's time for breakfast! How kind of Hinano to cook him up several hundred stacks of her "great-wheat-delicious pancakes". Now, while we'd look at that and laugh, Cacao just pulls out silverware he has strapped inside is jacket and digs right in. Boy oh boy does that kid have an appetite! And, unbeknownst to Cacao, it's that appetite of his that actually got this whole mess started. Once he gets to school, he attempts to find out what happened to him the previous day after classes by asking around. After not having much luck, he eventually makes his way over to Professor Ganache's room. Bingo! Professor Ganache just happens to have all the answers Cacao is looking for!

Trouble Chocolate Ah, but you didn't think it'd be that easy, did you? Of course not! Obviously there's a catch, there's always a catch, and this one is that Cacao has to agree to become Professor Ganache's apprentice. Too bad Cacao has absolutely no interest in sorcery, thinking it's only for geeks and nerds. But the kid is desperate for answers, and so he finally, reluctantly agrees. And thus Professor Ganache spills it all... and so will I, so if you don't want to know before getting to watch the anime then you had better just stop reading right now! Well... not right now. I'll start the explanation in the next paragraph, since I know it can be really hard to stop reading in the middle of a paragraph. Alright, this paragraph is now over, so now you must decide if you want to continue reading.

Trouble Chocolate Okay, here I go... yesterday after classes Professor Ganache was attempting to demonstrate to Cacao how cool sorcery could be by summoning a faerie. But while the Professor was preparing his spell, Cacao spied a chocolate bar on Ganache's desk and, being the famished boy that he was, decided to help himself. What he didn't know was that the chocolate was magical, and had expired over two hundred years ago! This made him almost instantly drunk, and while Professor Ganache was in the middle of casting his spell, Cacao accidently sneezes, ruining Ganache's sacred circle of sorcery. The next thing they know, a giant explosion fills the room, sending Cacao flying through the wall and slamming head-first into Captain Murakata over on the softball field. Back in the room, a faerie spirit appears and occupies a life-size marionette laying nearby. The two of them meet soon after, and hit it right off.

Trouble Chocolate Oh yeah, and I may have forgot to mention that, while this explanation was going on, a giant purple blob monster has been roaming around the town engulfing everything in it's path. Not sure if that's important... yeah. Anyway, it's headed right for the Micro-Grand Academy, and so is Hinano. In fact, it's right behind her! But she has no clue about this, and so just continue skipping merrily along on her way to find Cacao. Where did this weird blob creature come from? Well, it has to have something to do with Ganache's goofed-up spell. After all, everyone knows that bad things happen when you mess up a sacred circle of sorcery. The real question is, who's going to stop it? Cacao? Captain Murakata and his Scientific-Mission Attack Team, also known as S.M.A.T.? Truffle, he mysterious rich vigilante? What, you don't want me to tell you everything, do you?

Description: Trouble Chocolate

Cacao, a male student at Micro Grand Academy, wakes up one morning to find a girl in bed with him. Her name is Hinano, a tree spirit who possessed the body of a wooden puppet after Cacao messed up his magic teacher's spell. Having taken an instant liking to Cacao, Hinano enrolls in his school.

Between Hinano, a love triangle involving his enemy (Truffle) and the fact that he may have the potential to be one of the greatest magic users of all time, Cacao's life seems to have taken several turns for the worse... and the weird.

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