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ExodiaExodia (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Duel MonsterDuel Monster
Episode 1Episode 1
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Exodia

Exodia is a powerful Dark attribute Duel Monster which consists of not one but five separate cards. The main Exodia card (Exodia the Forbidden One) contains Exodia's head and torso, while the remaining four each contain a chained limb. If a duelist can draw all five Exodia cards, he or she can summon Exodia, a monstrous humanoid Duel Monster who can instantly defeat any opponent regardless of how powerful the latter's Monsters are.

However, no-one managed to pull this off - until the day Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba dueled each other for the first time. During the duel, Yugi noticed that several of the cards in his hand looked like the pieces of a puzzle and remembered his grandfather telling him about Exodia.

Meanwhile, Kaiba, aided by his Blue-Eyes White Dragons, started to get the upper hand. Yugi managed to stall for time by paralyzing two of the dragons with Swords of Revealing Light and used Dark Magician to take out Kaiba's Judge Man. But Dark Magician was then defeated by the third Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which was unaffected by Swords of Revealing Light since it was summoned after that card was activated. On the next turn, the effect of Swords of Revealing Light would wear off, leaving Yugi on the verge of defeat. But, against all odds, Yugi managed to draw the fifth Exodia card and Exodia emerged to destroy all three Blue-Eyes White Dragons at once and end Kaiba's reign as the undefeated Duel Monsters Champion.

But, some weeks later, Yugi and Joey were heading to Duelists Kingdom when they ran into Weevil Underwood, who, feigning interest, asked to see Yugi's Exodia cards. He then announced that he had just thought of a "strategy" for defeating Exodia, before throwing all five cards into the sea. Joey tried to retrieve the cards but was only able to find two, rendering the combo useless.

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