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Gozaburo KaibaGouzaburou Kaiba (海馬 剛三郎)Gozaburo Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
45+ years45+ years
Yellow (data-monster form)Yellow (data-monster form)
About 6'About 183 cm
Former President of Kaiba Corp.Former President of Kaiba Corp.
"You cannot escape me, Seto!"
Yu-Gi-Oh!Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters

Character Description: Gozaburo Kaiba

Gozaburo Kaiba was the previous president of the Kaiba Corporation. He was an evil man who produced war technology and dealt in underhanded business, even using his own family to get his way. He was also a champion at chess. Seto beat Gozaburo at chess while in the orphanage with the bet that if Seto beat him at his own game, Gozaburo would adopt both him and his brother Mokuba. Originally Gozaburo intended to use Seto to motivate his real son Noah. But after Noah was mortally injured and his mind digitized, Gozaburo decided to have Seto be heir to his financial empire instead. He made Seto study rigorously and treated him like a slave.

Six years later, Seto managed to take Kaiba Corp. for himself in another bet with his step-father. Being humiliated by Seto for a second time drove Gozaburo mad, causing him to download his mind into Noah's virtual world, where he intended to use Noah in his ultimate plan of being a digital-god by digitizing the entire world, as well as defeat Seto at his own game of Duel Monsters, using the semi-invincible Exodia Necros as his sole monster.

But with a missile heading for Noah's base and defeated by Seto AGAIN, a raging Gozaburo turned himself into a monstrous entity to kill Seto, but he and Yugi got out in time. Gozaburo was about to log-out himself, but Noah refused to let his father leave, after seeing how cruel his father truly was and how kind Mokuba and others were. It was a few moments later that the missile destroyed Noah's base and his virtual domain, thus was the end of Gozaburo, body AND mind.

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