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Carly CarmineCarly NagisaCarly Carmine (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
Veronica TaylorLi Mei Chan Li Mei Chan
Episode 27Episode 27
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D'sYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Character Description: Carly Carmine

Carly Carmine is an intern (reporter in Japanese version) who worships Jack Atlas. She makes her first appearance in episode 27 after Jack lost the Fortune Cup and she wanted to interview the [[Yusei Fudo]]. Carly has a Fortune Fairy deck that she uses everyday to predict how her day would go and unfortunately for her its usually bad. Carly is one of the only people who noticed the glowing signer marks during Jack and Yusei's match but unlike most people she actually bothered to find out what they meant. She pushed past a crowd of reporters in order to interview Director Goodwin who did his best to get Carly not to pursue the matter anymore by telling Carly that she must have been seeing thing which she didn't believe and led her to the conclusion that Goodwin had to be hiding something.

Later Carly found Yusei dueling a Shadow Drone named Grady in a warehouse in the middle of a shadow game which she recorded on her camera but once the duel was over the warehouse was flooded with Sector Security which led to her camera being confiscated and no scoop for Carly to give to her supervisor.

When Jack was in the hospital during the showing of his movie, Atlas Rising, Carly was able to sneak into the event where she found out that Jack was from the Satellite Sector which she was reluctant to believe but eventually accepted this. Carly also met Misty Tredwell who is a famous model who took Carly's glasses off and predicted that Carly would die but would be reborn again.

Afterwards Carly snuck into the hospital dressed as a nurse to try to find Jack to interview him but just as Jack was leaving with his sprained arm, he was challenged to a duel by Trudge (who was possessed as a Shadow Drone) but since he couldn't duel with one arm he forced Carly to help him duel. Carly started to enjoy the duel and spending time with Jack but this caused her to make a few mistakes during the duel which made Jack angry. When they defeat Trudge, Jack asks Carly to help him escape because of the paparazzi at the front door and she snuck him out on a hospital gurney covered by a sheet.

Jack spent the night resting at Carly's and the next day Trudge and Mina went to Carly's house to get him back but he refused to leave and Carly was really happy because she is in love with Jack and she's trying to use him to write an article so she won't get fired by her evil boss. Jack tries to leave on his own but he discovers that he doesn't know how to use public transport and Carly covers for Jack as some people recognize him. Jack and Carly spend the whole day bonding at a theme park (after Carly bought Jack a ridiculous disguise) being followed by Trudge and Mina as Mina thinks Carly is only using Jack. At the end of the day at the pier Carly tells Jack that he has to let go of his old self and believe that the old Jack lost to Yusei and a new better Jack was born. Jack listened to Carly's advice and switches back to his old clothes.

Mina takes Carly and Jack to the Satellite by a helicopter where they end up seeing Yusei and Kalin's turbo duel where they see Crow. This leads Jack to tell Carly about how Yusei was born in New Domino City and about The Enforcers and what happened to Kalin. Carly had gotten so much juicy information that she was so excited about publishing it until Jack told her that if she told abyone she would be shipped off to the Facility since this was all super secret. Carly also found out about how the Satellite was formed and after the duel between Yusei and Kalin ends the next we see of Carly is her crying in a desk being shouted at by her boss. Carly has a flashback where Jack said to her that he couldn't trust her being around with him since she was a reporter (in Japanese version it was because he didn't want her to get hurt) and he crushed the memory card of her camera which left her back to square one with no gossip but Jack told Carly once the Dark Signer mess was over he would tell her everything.

Carly tries to move on from Jack but she sees him everywhere in her apartment so she decides to find Jack again by finding the rest of the Signers. Carly drives in her little yellow card to this informer dude who has some info on the glowing signer marks but he doesn't work for free so Carly has to give him her Dark Magician Girl action figure which he accepts. Carly finds out that Yusei, Luna and Akiza have a signer mark but since she couldn't question Yusei, Jack or Luna she decides to go to the Arcadia Movement to question Akiza. Carly notices Misty Tredwell's picture in the Arcadia Movement file so she goes to Misty's apartment to question her. After having a shouting match with the receptionist Carly is able to talk to Misty who warns Carly not to visit the Arcadia Movement since they are the reason her younger brother Toby Tredwell is missing.

Ignoring everything Misty says, Carly goes to the Arcadia Movement disguised as a maid to get closer to Akiza. She meets Sayer and Akiza talking but she fails to talk to Akiza and is nearly rumbled by Sayer. Lucky for Carly she is able to get Sayer to believe she is a maid and she sneaks into his office. Carly finds a secret room where she discovers that many people who are linked to the Arcadia Movement have a habit of disappearing. As she knocked over a pile of books she finds Goodwin's picture in one and at that moment Sayer discovers that she is a spy. He gives her a choice, duel him or try to escape. Carly fantasies about herself marrying Jack and having a baby boy and they become a famous dueling married couple so she foolishly agrees to the challenge. She uses her Fortune Fairy deck that have monsters with zero attack points and Sayer was able to beat Carly in two turns. Sayer is a psychic duelist which means any damage a player takes to their lifepoints can be made real. Carly gets pushed into a glass window and as her lifepoints were being lowered, the glass cracks and before the glass was fully broken Carly swore that sector security would look into her diappearence but Sayer reveals that because he knows that Goodwin is from the Satellite then they can't touch the Arcadia Movement. With one more attack the glass window shattered which caused Carly to fall to her death while shouting for Jack to help her which causes Misty's prediction to be true.

Instead of dying, Carly becomes a Dark Signer and as her Fortune Fairy deck falls in the air they get touched by purple fog which makes them evolve to Fortune Lady's. Carly causes a Hummingbird Nazca line to appear around the Arcadia Movement building and an earthquake which causes Sayer to evacuate the building but before he can escape Carly appears from the shadows with a glowing purple hummingbird mark to appear on her arm and she forces Sayer into a rematch. However she gets surrounded by a pillar of purple light and when it disappears Carly is wearing a black outfit outlined with orange which confirms her identity as a Dark Signer. Long story short Carly beats Sayer with her Earthbound Immortal, sends him to the netherworld and ends up on the roof of the building with no memory of what she did to Sayer. But when she saw what she was wearing she remembered what she did to Sayer and starts to cry for Jack to help her. Misty comforts Carly in her Dark Signer clothes and tells Carly that they are not part of the living and she has to remember why she came back to life because to become a dark signer you need to have unfinished business. Carly later revealed she came back to life was because of Jack.

Eventually when the signers need to close down the towers Jack finds Carly in the hummingbird tower and she challenges him to a turbo duel. Jack tries not to fight back since he wants Carly to return to normal but Carly shows Jack what would happen if she won the duel which would be Earth would be like hell but Carly and Jack would rule as king and queen as Jack became a dark signer when he lost. Jack snapped out of it when he saw Carly's glasses on the floor and he remembered he was trying to get her back to normal and that Carly wasn't evil.

They resume the duel and Jack snaps Carly out of her evil phase but she gets possessed by the king of the netherworld as she refuses to duel against Jack. When Carly summons her Earthbound Immortal and Jack summons his Dragon, Jack has a plan to end the duel in a tie to save Carly but Carly uses her trap to make sure Jack wins the duel and she loses. As Carly turns to dust, Jack hugs her and promises to save her and Carly admits she loves Jack before she dies. Carly reappears after the Dark Signer ark with no memory of being a dark signer but her love for Jack burns bright but Jack still ignores her but regards her as a friend.

In all Carly may not be your typical anime girl but she is a force to be reckoned with especially if it involves Jack Atlas who is her true love even if Jack won't admit it, he loves Carly.

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