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Character Profile: Rex Goodwin

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rex Goodwin Rex Goodwin(レクス・ゴドウィン) Rex Goodwin (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
  Rex Godwin
Human Human
Male Male
Gray Gray
Green Green
Younger brother of Rudger Younger brother of Rudger
Maddie Blaustein; Pete Zarustica Shinya Kote
Episode 2 Episode 2
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Yū-Gi-Oh! Faibu Dīzu

Character Description: Rex Goodwin

While he was born and raised in Satellite, Rex happens to be the director of Sector Security in New Domino, and had been the one to stop any connections between the two cities. (This is due to the possible threat he sees with the Dark Signers coming to start a war with the Signers.) He is also the leader of a group called "Yliaster," a group consisting of Star Guardians that are supposed to bring peace to the world.

Before the start of the anime's storyline, Yusei Fudo's father had entrusted Rex with three of the dragon cards (Stardust Dragon, Black Rose Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend), which he later released out to the public to make sure that they'd reach their appropriate Signer. His main goal is to gather the five Signers to summon the Crimson Dragon, which Rex claims will bring peace to the world. He eventually gets Jack into New Domino, despite only wishing to use him for his plans.

He then organizes a tournament to reveal the Signers, the participants consisting of randomly invited duelists as well as duelists he hired to reveal the identities of the Signers while dueling with one. During the tournament though, one of participants attempts to attack Rex after finding out that he had accidentally destroyed their village with an experiment of his. This results in a spike from another duelist's D-Wheel flying off and Rex catching it, showing he has a robotic left arm. He reveals to Jack that he had lost his arm in an accident (most likely Zero Reverse), and it is shown later that he possesses a severed left arm with a Dragon Birthmark on it.

Eventually, Rex meets with Yusei and Jeager to tell them the truth about the Signers, the Dark Signers, and why they're here. Before the group faces the Dark Signers, Yusei asks Rex if he can finish the Daedalus Bridge after the threat of the Dark Signers is gone. Seeing no reason for Satellite and New Domino to be separated after the Dark Signers are gone, he agrees to this.

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