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Ah! My GoddessAa! Megami-sama (ああっε₯³η₯žγ•γΎγ£) ("Ah! My Goddess")Ah! My Goddess
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Ah! My Goddess
24 TV Episodes24 TV Episodes
September 27, 2005January 6, 2005–July 7, 2005
Media BlastersAIC/TBS/Bandai Visual
Kosuke Fujishima
Hiroaki Gohda
Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, RomanceComedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance
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Belldandy βŠ• Belldandy βŠ•
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Characters: Ah! My Goddess

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Belldandy βŠ• Belldandy βŠ• Sayoko Mishima βŠ• Sayoko Mishima βŠ•
Keiichi Morisato βŠ• Keiichi Morisato βŠ• Skuld βŠ• Skuld βŠ•
Mara βŠ• Mara βŠ• Sora Hasegawa βŠ• Sora Hasegawa βŠ•
Megumi Morisato βŠ• Megumi Morisato βŠ• Toriachi Tamiya βŠ• Toriachi Tamiya βŠ•
Otaki βŠ• Otaki βŠ• Toshiyuki Aoshima βŠ• Toshiyuki Aoshima βŠ•
Peorth βŠ• Peorth βŠ• Urd βŠ• Urd βŠ•

Description: Ah! My Goddess

In this TV Series retelling of the popular Ah! My Goddess saga, we are once again introduced to hapless college student Keiichi Morisato. He doesn't seem to have much luck with anything, especially his love life. However, all that changes when he accidently makes a phone call to the "Goddess Help Line" and summons a beautiful goddess named Belldandy, who asks Keiichi for a single wish.

Shocked and in disbelief that a Goddess would appear before him, he finally makes his wish. And of course, he wishes that Belldandy would stay with him forever. (In which the contract is enforced by the "Ultimate Force.") Now, Keiichi and Belldandy become a couple (although Keiichi has his fair share of problems expressing his feelings to a goddess) and Belldandy learns to deal with life on Earth and while keeping her true identity a secret. Eventually, Belldandy is joined by her two sisters Urd and Skuld (and a few other surprises as well).

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