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Kaoru HanabishiKaoru HanabishiKaoru Hanabishi (Ai Yori Aoshi)
Kaoru HonjyouKaoru Honjyou
20 years20 years
College student, Aoi Sakuraba's FianceeCollege student, Aoi Sakuraba's Fiancee
David Lelyveld (aka Dave Wittenburg)Souichirou Hoshi
Ai Yori AoshiAi Yori Aoshi

Character Description: Kaoru Hanabishi

He may not look it, but Kaoru Hanabishi was himself the heir to a prominent family business, just like Aoi. In a move to unite the wealthy Hanabishi and Sakuraba families, Kaoru and Aoi were arranged to be married while both were still children.

But there were problems. The Hanabishi clan had not approved of the marriage between his father and mother (his mother was not approved by the clan), so when his father dies, his mother was banished from the clan. When she later died, they tried to destroy all Kaoru's mementos of his mother. When he tried to protest, he was seriously beaten. He still has the scars on his back from that day.

This is why he's in Tokyo, living the simple life of a college student. He's turned his back on the Hanabishi clan, finding only grief back home. And this is why Aoi has come to Tokyo. With Kaoru gone, the clan has disowned him, and the arranged marriage had been called off. By the strange coincidence of meeting in the subway, though, the two acquaintances reunite.

Kaoru is a nice guy, very gentlemanly and courteous most of the time. Aoi is entirely devoted to him, and he'd love nothing more than to make her happy, but there is one thing he still refuses to do. He will not make amends with his family for turning their backs on his mother.

Character Description: Kaoru Hanabishi

Kaoru Hanabishi is a very gentle and kind third-year college student who had severed ties with his clan because of his grandfather's cruelty. The Hanabishi clan was a rich conglomerate which manufactured kimonos. Fifteen years ago, Kaoru was arranged by his clan to marry the daughter of the Sakuraba clan, Aoi. Both were childhood friends until up to the point when Kaoru's father was killed in a car accident. Members of the Hanabishi clan wanted Kaoru to immediately become the inheritor as Kaoru's mother left him to his cold-hearted grandfather. Six months after his mother's death, Kaoru's grandfather was burning the remnants of Kaoru's mother as he wanted to Kaoru to forget about her. He managed to grab a charm that his mother gave him, which got his grandfather furious resulting in him getting beaten by his grandfather. The scars on Kaoru's back serve as a reminder of that day.

Kaoru is reunited with Aoi when he meets her at the city subway, unaware of his old childhood friend. He's a bit startled at first over the fact that there was an arranged marriage between him and Aoi, but eventually they start to develop their relationship.

Upon being allowed to be with Aoi by her mother, Aoi's caretaker, Miyabi, tells him he can't tell anyone else about his relationship with Aoi otherwise it would tear the Sakuraba clan apart. While Kaoru does keep his word on this, he's forced to deal with Tina and Mayu's advances for his affection. Yet, he still his heart for Aoi overall.

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