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Valeria VertoneValeria VertoneValeria Vertone (Angel Links)
Around 26-28 years oldAround 26-28 years old
Blonde (with one red streak)Blonde (with one red streak)
Tactical CommanderTactical Commander
"A pheasant chooses its tree, huh?""A pheasant chooses its tree, huh?"
Elizabeth StepkowskiAtsuko Tanaka
Episode 1Episode 1
Angel LinksSeihou Tenshi Angel Links
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Outlaw StarSeihou Bukyou Outlaw Star

Character Description: Valeria Vertone

Originally appearing in Outlaw Star alongside Duuz, Valeria also makes her true appearance in Angel Links as the tactical commander of ship-to-ship battles. Like Duuz, she specializes in a vital field; in her case, it is formulating battle plans for the crew. She also acts as Meifon's second-in-command if Meifon has to leave the ship for any reason.

Valeria's overall appearance and personality have changed as expected. In Outlaw Star, Valeria was a ruthless military officer who, like Duuz, handled things in a direct to-the-point manner. She often had a habit of speaking her mind and being quite cold in her opinion of Gene and his crew. In Angel Links, she seems to be quite the opposite and takes an almost uncaring approach to matters regarding battle. Of course, that is only because the space pirates the crew fights are basically amateurs compared to what Valeria fought in her past, so she sees no reason to waste great strategies on small fry. As a result, she can often be seen calmly painting her fingernails or some other activity on board the ship.

As for her appearance, Valeria has also discarded her old military uniform from Outlaw Star and donned a more casual look. She now wears a red and black suit with shoulder pads. Her hair is also more wild-looking than it was in Outlaw Star, including a red streak amongst all the blonde. Also, she now wields a weapon in Angel Links, a pair of tonfa; her fighting skills are up there with Meifon and Duuz's level.

Before joining the crew, Valeria was an elite strategist for the Einhorn Empire, the youngest to reach the position. She had a romantic interest named Lawrence then. However, during an important mission, she had disobeyed orders and caused the fleet to suffer heavy losses. She was given a trial and, following that, expelled from the military. Because she left the empire itself as a result, her love life with Lawrence came to an end as well.

By Kosei's arrangement, Meifon met with Valeria so that she request her to join. However, the former strategist of Einhorn stated she wasn't interested in working with amateurs. Meifon pleaded, asking Valeria to stay for at least three months to see whether or not Angel Links would be a success. Valeria agreed, but only before giving Meifon a test of luck (because luck is half the battle, according to her). She placed a single bullet in a revolver and gave it to Meifon. Meifon held the gun to her own head and nervously pulled the trigger...and it was an empty round. Impressed by Meifon's luck, she joined the crew.

Among the crew, Valeria seems to have some kind of close friendship with Duuz. They usually talk to one another more than any other member and spend some time together. Most likely, they are friends out of respect for each other's combat prowess and knowledge. If Valeria is alone, she usually keeps herself in fighting shape with boxing or exercise.

Valeria is one of Meifon's most trusted allies and dedicated to helping the Angel Links.

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