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Anime About Relationships - Love Can’t Be Stopped Posted Dec 30, 2020

Most people who aren’t into anime think they are about war, conflict, and similar stuff. Those people are far away from the truth. Some anime are built around the relationships of main characters. We’ll present you 3 romantic anime. Men and women will enjoy these 3 gems. Check them out if you’re looking for something to watch while cuddling under the blanket.

Fruits Basket - Mysterious Love Story You’ll Adore

In the popular Fruits Basket, love relationship isn’t the anime's focus, but it has a crucial role. The lives of all the characters more-or-less (we’re trying not to spoil anything) depend on the relationship between the main character and one of the Sohmas. The main character is an orphan girl named Tohru Honda. She’s perfect and inspiring. Her determination to continue living after the tragedy will make you fall in love with her.

Once she moves to live with the Sohmas family, she learns their mysterious curse (and blessing). Further, you watch Tohru’s relationships become more complicated and filled with emotions. If you want to spend rainy afternoons watching an exciting and mysterious anime - Fruits Basket will make you happy. After watching it, if you want to meet somebody who’s into anime and relationships, visit - beyondthecharter.com. Your Tohru may be there.

My Love Story - Everybody Deserves Love

My Love Story is possibly the best anime about love and relationships. It shows what many people go through in college. If you’re out of college, don’t think this anime will bore you to death. It will make you adore 2 main characters.

You may recognize yourself in Takeo Gōda. Not because you’re a huge muscular guy who scares girls, but because the series builds on the fact that Takeo is different. The person who didn’t feel different ever in their life doesn't exist. That makes this anime so addictive. Opposite Takeo is his best friend - Makoto Sunakawa. He’s a popular young man who gets all the girls. At least most of the time. Once they meet Rinko Yamato, this anime becomes a wonder. Despite all odds, Rinko, a petite girl, falls in love with Takeo, a massive boy. My Love Story is anime for all the people who’re losing hope. Don’t give up; love is out there.

Maid Sama - Amazing People Always Find Each Other

We won’t say anything about the ending of Maid Sama. You can watch it on Netflix. If you do, you won’t regret it. We’ll tell you more about Sama, the main character. She’s an amazing girl with enormous will power. Fighting alone against the world, she doesn’t have a lot of time for herself until she meets Takumi Ushi. The most popular boy in school who rejects all the girls but sees something in Sama. Their relationship is filled with emotions from the beginning. Although the plot is somehow slow, every scene where Takumi and Sama are together is electrifying. Don’t think their story will bore you just because they’re teenagers. Relationship in Maid Sama is as serious as it gets. And the end will probably make you cry.

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