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DBZ Kakarot is the next big thing for Anime Posted Feb 1, 2020

DBZ Kakarot is the next big thing for Anime

Many anime fans have been wondering about what's the next step for the genre. Anime cartoons have been around for decades, and it feels like the creators of these cartoons are slowly running out of ideas. Dragon Ball Z is still one of the most popular anime cartoons with millions of fans all over the planet.

The old DBZ show has ended a long time ago and it was followed by a few more series that take place in the same universe. The last Dragon Ball cartoons are fantastic, but things didn't end there. DBZ Kakarot is a video game designed for true Dragon Ball Z fans and it allows you to relive all of the iconic moments from the Z series. That includes epic fights with Frieza, Cell, and Majin Boo, but you will also get to play through some less violent parts of Goku's life. So, let's take a closer look at what this fantastic anime game has to offer.

The story

The hype around DBZ Kakarot grew exponentially ever since the game was first introduced on E3 in 2019. It was evident that it's one of the best looking anime games yet, and the first gameplay trailer promised the world a fantastic experience. You get to control Goku and some other prominent characters that made an appearance in the original series.

The game includes all Z sagas, from the appearance of the Saiyans, to the epic battles between Goku, Cell, Frieza, Boo, and many other characters. The storyline follows the original DBZ plot, but instead of just watching things unroll, you get the chance to try everything out yourself. You will finally know how it felt when Goku created the massive Spirit Bomb on Namek, but you will also get a chance to experience the crazy moment when Goku learned how to drive a car. The immersive gameplay will keep you glued to the screen for hours. When you do need a break, you may want to try out these cool sex games for a change of pace.

The visuals

DBZ Kakarot is the next big thing for Anime

What makes DBZ Kakarot so appealing is the visual effects that are true to the original cartoon. The camera, the colors, and the cartoony graphics make this game a must for all anime fans. Even though all levels have bounds, you still have quite a lot of places to explore.

The game offers some breathtaking moments that feel even cooler than they do in the cartoon. Flying around with Gohan on Namek, fighting Cell in his final form, and just exploring the cities in between fights really makes you feel like you are Goku. The camera angle is just perfect and every action feels great. Most similar games had problems with the camera, but it looks like it was finally taken care of in Kakarot.

The Gameplay

DBZ Kakarot is an action RPG. It's the perfect blend between DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi and open-world RPGs. You will have a lot of freedom as you play, and you will encounter many iconic characters in the world around you. There are plenty of main and side quests for you to try, and there are many different activities like fishing, running, and so on.

Just like it happens in the show, you will often face enemies that are more powerful than you are. That will put your fighting skills to the ultimate test. Sometimes, the action can be so intense, you will sweat in your chair as you play. The balance in the game is awesome, as you'll get the chance to relax with all kinds of funny mini-games in between sagas. There's a lot of room to explore in this world, and DBZ fans are going crazy about the game. When you get tired of flying around, try the best adult sex games for free. They offer a different kind of fun.

A modern twist to the old story

There's no doubt that DBZ is one of the best animes of all time. The technique used in the creation of the original show was copied by many other anime because it works so well. DBZ Kakarot gives you the chance of reliving the same moments in the show, but with improved visual and audio effects.

The moment when Gohan releases the massive Kamehameha attack on Cell is even more vivid than it is in the show! You'll also get constant updates from the narrator as you play, giving you more info about the backstory of Goku and what he went through. The only thing that could keep us from playing this anime game are the online sex games we ran into the other day. They are so realistic that we forgot about Goku and his friends in a second.

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