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Top 10 Anime Tech We Wish Were Real Posted May 24, 2018

The term “anime” is used to talk about Japanese animation, either it be anime films, TV series, OVA series (which are like a cross between the two), cut scenes in videogames, or even short advertisements. Animation has found wide a application in gaming, movies, and advertising, and more. To produce a truly tremendous piece of animation your really need to work with experts in the animation world, to engage them in the service to create animation, turning fantastical ideas into something everyone can see, whether it's creating full length feature films or short animated advertisements.

What are some of the anime series or films that have displayed the highest level of technology prowess? Read on for some of the most excellent anime technology of all time:

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a scenario produced through computer processes that imitate experiences by using senses and perception. The created immersive environment can be similar to reality, or it can be an imaginary one depicting experiences that are impossible in the real world. You can also count “augmented reality” as a form of VR that brings out virtual information over a live camera feed into a smartphone or tablet device, offering the user the ability to see 3D images. You can get a feel for virtual reality in Sword Art Online, which is a science fantasy series adapted from the novel series of the same name and which was written by Reki Kawahara.

2. Bionic Eyes

We see the use of bionic eyes in cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is a type of science fiction that concentrates on a blend of highly advanced technology and low quality of life, exhibiting well-advanced technological and scientific achievements, for instance, artificial intelligence, contrasted with some level of far-reaching change in the social order. The anime Ghost in the Shell, which aired in November 1995, exhibit the usefulness of the bionic eye. The bionic eye has some critical features, such as instant zoom, target tracking, and message receiving, all of which are built-in mechanisms. Third-party accessories are entirely unnecessary.

3. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Reader (Wrist Version)

This card is from Yu-Gi-Oh, a Japanese manga series about gaming that was written and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi. By the time of the series’ release, virtual reality was not yet widespread. One required a wide variety of hardware to have a closer look at the realistic experience. However, by using this card, one could see the monsters represented on the cards as they would materialize before your own eyes and fight on your side.

4. Phone Microwave from Steins; Gate

This series aired for 24 episodes between April and September 2011. The creative piece transcends time and space in the literal sense. The phone microwave can send messages to the past. This may sound inconsequential; however, think about the way your life could change from the mere act of sending a message to yourself in the past. This action could do something simple, like rectifying a small error, or it could carry out something more complicated, like having you as the president of a different world. The list of possibilities is endless with such magical powers.

5. Cyberbrains from Ghost in the Shell

We find Ghost in the Shell in this list for a second time, this time focusing on cyberbrains, which are human brains that have been made more superior by integrating them with electronic components that enable them to connect to the Internet and various other cyberbrains. The existence of such brains would make all human lives different. Many gadgets that we use today, for example the calculator, would be rendered useless. Also, communication would be happening at light speed levels. The worrying thing about the cyberbrains would be how to prevent the risk of hacking into them. It is thus crucial to think about these consequences before bringing them into the world. At the same time, cyberbrains are just imaginary, so there is no need to worry.

6. Hoi-Poi Capsules from Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a series that spanned 153 episodes and aired between February 1986 and April 1989. It exhibits an excellent display of flexibility and creativity. The capsules were a great fulfillment of dreams for daydreamers back in those days, but they would still be a marvelous idea to develop in current times. The capsules provide anything that the travelers want — bikes for transportation, a house for shelter, and many other things — as they go all over the world in search of the Dragon Ball.

7. Triggers from World Trigger

This series had 73 episodes and was on air between October 2014 and April 2016. It revolves around triggers, devices that, when stimulated, store your real body within the Trion Supply System and in its place give a combat body made from Trion. In other words, they imitate your body so that you can last as long as possible in combat (or until you run out of Trion). Besides emulating your body, the trigger makes a tailor-made weapon that you can use in battle. If this technology were real, it would be a must-have for hand-to-hand military combat units all over the world.

8. Giftia from Plastic Memories

The series was on air between April and June 2015 for 13 episodes. The series depicts what could happen as human beings share more than a mere connection with artificial intelligence machines. It takes into account the AI machines having their own set of emotions and the reactions they would elicit from their owners and fellow AI machines,

9. Crime Prediction AI from Psycho Pass

The series ran for 22 episodes between October 2012 and March 2013. Psycho Pass came to define how to deal with issues of justice and crime. It establishes a dystopian future that is characterized by police standard analysis and quantifying one’s behavior. From the review, an action is taken depending on the likelihood of a crime that is about to be committed. The idea of predicting crime by calculating the chances of it happening could be a great solution to solve law-breaking all over the world. However, even as the idea may seem superb, it could be one of the most dangerous ideas ever developed, since many people would be indicted for crimes they have not even committed.

10. Coils from Dimension W

The Dimension W series aired between January and March 2016 for 12 episodes. The series revolves around the discovery of a new dimension and the extraction of an unlimited supply of energy from it, which would make electricity companies panic. Technology would not require anything — not even batteries, chargers, or hardware that would be at risk of getting damaged and necessitate replacement — to produce energy. Some coils would act as an inexhaustible source of energy, powering everything and anything with a coil outlet, every day. The coils are certainly an impressive technological feature.

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