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Chane LaforetShane Raforetto (シャーネ ラフォレット)Chane Laforet (Baccano!)
Between 18-20 years oldBetween 18-20 years old
Member of the Lemures, member of the Black Suits, guest of Jacuzzi Splot's gang and Eve GenoardMember of the Lemures, member of the Black Suits, guest of Jacuzzi Splot's gang and Eve Genoard
Monica RialRyou Hinohashi (広橋 涼)
Episode 1, "The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything About the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character"Episode 1, "The Vice President Doesn't Say Anything About the Possibility of Him Being the Main Character"

Character Description: Chane Laforet

The daughter of the immortal alchemist Huey Laforet and Renee Paramedes Branvillier, Chane Laforet was, at her preteen years, given the secrets of immortality by her father on the condition that she didn't reveal that secret, and that she she never use that secret herself. Huey had also offered give Chane a gift, for which she had chosen to lose her voice.

Years later, Chane was part of the party of soldiers composed of members of Huey's group, the Lemures, when they went to take hostage Rachel and Mary Berium, the wife and daughter of United States Senator Manfred Berium, as they rode from Chicago to New York onboard the Flying Pussyfoot transcontinental train. The objective of the Lemures was to secure the freedom of Huey, who was being held in jail on trumped-up terrorism charges (the REAL reason Huey was incarcerated was that Senator Berium wanted to get from him the secrets to immortality, which Senator Berium also worked with the mafia boss Don Bartollo Runoratta in trying to locate the whereabouts of Dallas Genoard, who the punk had gained partial immortality from Szilard Quates a year before), However, Chane was secretly working AGAINST the Lemures and their leader Goose Perkins, and fought to foil their plans.

Chane's mission was complicated by the fact that Ladd Russo and his gang, which included Ladd's fiance Lua Klein, were disguised as a wedding party in white suits, was on the train also, in the hopes of senselessly slaughtering the passengers while finding those responsible for robbing the Russo gang (that was Issac Dian and Miria Harvent, who were also on the train) and Jacuzzi Splot, who had single-handedly wrecked eight of the Russo's speakeasies in Chicago in retaliation for killing four of his gang.

If that wasn't bad enough, Clare Stanfield, a.k.a. Vino, was causing a bloodbath of his own, picking off BOTH the White Suits and Black Suits in the guise of 'The Rail Tracer'. However, Vino – who was originally a conductor on the train, caught sight of Chane before departing from Chicago's Union Station and fell in love with the girl. During the battle, which Chane had fought Ladd Russo to a standstill in a knife fight, Vino had interceded, which not only he had defeated Ladd, but also professed his love for Chane. He then told her to escape the Flying Pussyfoot – but not before asking Chane to carve her answer to his proposal for marriage on the top of the train. She simply told him to look for her on Manhattan.

Chane then jumped-off the train into a river, which she was picked-up by Jacuzzi Splot's gang, who had robbed it of explosives and was recovering the loot. The gang had since settled in apartments as guests of Eve Genoard, and Chane was sent to live with them. The kindness Jacuzzi, Nice Holystone and the others had shown her confused her, not to mention how they, as well as Vino, came to her rescue when Graham Spector kidnapped her, thinking she was Eve.

Even though Chane cannot speak, she can still communicate telepathically with her father Huey. She is also an expert knife fighter, and is able to hold her own against someone like Ladd Russo.

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