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Character Profile: Ozuma

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ozuma Ozuma Ozuma (Beyblade V-Force)
Mister X Mister X
Human Human
Male Male
15 years old(born November 14th) 15 years old(born November 14th)
Red and black Red and black
Green Green
5'4" 163 cm
Saint Shields leader Saint Shields leader
"Oh, the usual, more peace, less homework..."  
Beyblade V-Force Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002

Character Description: Ozuma

Ozuma first appears as a mysterious Beyblader, calling himself Mr.X in the tournament. Later he meets Tyson, and they battle in a Beyblade match. Tyson loses. Ozuma is a very strong Beyblade Competitor and he has his lethal Flash Leopard. Sadly, Flash Leopard is much more powerful than that of Dragoon.

Ozuma and his teammates always seem to spy on the Bladebreakers, and for some reason he warns Tyson about all the trouble that starts to brew. He doesn't want the Bladebreakers to challenge the Team Psychics because he thinks the Bladebreakers will all lose their Bit-Beasts.

He just wants to steal all the Bladebreakers Bit-Beasts and then seal them away into a legendary stone...

Character Description: Ozuma

Ozuma was first introduced as Mr. X in a grocery store tournament where the winner would get to face Tyson. Needless to say, Ozuma won and got to face Tyson, the world champ. Ozuma won and Tyson wanted revenge. The second time, Ozuma won again. Funny thing was, he was using an invisible bit-beast. Things got stranger and stranger when the other members faced these invisible Bit-Beasts and lost, except for Kai, who tied with a fellow called Dunga.

The third time Tyson challenged Ozuma, Tyson won. Then Tyson got Kenny to redo his blade, and it was top heavy. Ozuma didn't like this and set out to teach Tyson a lesson. Ozuma won and Tyson learned from the experience.

After the Battle Tower Epioch, Ozuma's true reasons for helping the Blade Breakers against the scientists was revealed. Ozuma and his team, the Saint Shields, wanted the Blade Breakers' Bit-Beasts.

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