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Character Profile: Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace

USA Info
Japanese Info
Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace(γƒ‡γ‚£γ‚¨γ‚΄γƒ»γƒ•γ‚§γƒ«γƒŠγƒ³γƒ‰γƒ»γƒ©γƒ–γƒ¬γ‚Ή) Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace (Black Lagoon)
Human Human
Male Male
Mid 40's to early 50's Mid 40's to early 50's
Black(graying) Black(graying)
Patriarch of the Lovelace Family Patriarch of the Lovelace Family
Episode 9, "Maid to Kill" Episode 9, "Maid to Kill"
Black Lagoon Black Lagoon

Character Description: Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace

Diego Jose San Fernando Lovelace was the patriarch of the Lovelace family, and the eleventh in succession of that family. His family is one of the thirteen noble families in South America, but of lately had fell upon hard times, with only the income of their plantations to support himself and his young son Garcia. A man of great honor, he had taken upon the daughter of his late friend, the former terrorist Rosarita Cisneros, a.k.a. "The Bloodhound of Florencia", as his maid. Cisneros had renamed herself 'Roberta', which then she began to redeem herself from her bloody past. But when Garcia was kidnapped by elements within the Manisarela Cartel of Columbia and shipped to Roanapur, Roberta went after him as a service to Diego.

Diego Lovelace was also politically motivated, mostly out of a sense of justice, so it was a horrible shock to Roberta when he was assassinated during a political rally (the deed was done by Kirkstone "Shane" Caxton, in the hopes of drawing Roberta out). This resulted in Roberta returning to Roanapur, instigating a bloody rampage on the island in the hopes of killing Caxton – one which threatens to spill-out beyond Roanapur!

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