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USA Info
Japanese Info
AndropovAndoropofuAndropov (Blue Dragon)
Shadow Wielder of AlubujemShadow Wielder of Alubujem
12 years old16 years old
Light blueLight blue
Sky BlueSky Blue
About 4'9"-4'11"About 145 cm-150 cm
Estimated around 90 lbsEstimated around 40.8 kg
Member of General Logi's Independent Flying SquadronMember of General Logi's Independent Flying Squadron
"The reason I fight is to get stronger"
Brian BeacockKappei Yamaguchi
Episode 10, "In Enemy Territory"Episode 10, "In Enemy Territory"
Blue DragonBlue Dragon

Character Description: Andropov

Andropov is a member of General Logi's flying squadron. Although he is the youngest member of the organization, he is overall the most intelligent out of all of them. His job is to serve as the reconnaissance of the group.

His age is estimated at about 12 years old, and 16 in the Japanese version. Andropov has light blue hair and sky blue eye's, and is also the smallest member of his group. Although he is definitely one of the strongest aside from General Logi and his friend Schneider.

Andropov is the shadow wielder of Alubujem, a four-armed crystalline creature who helps Andropov with his reconnaissance by launching out the crystals required for it. Alubujem can also launch an endless stream of crystal shards for an attack. He can also reassemble if shattered and its pieces can be manipulated by Andropov. He usually calls his main attack rock weapon.

Andropov is known to develop a crush on Kluke. During episode 40 he is seen spying on the group with his shadow alubujem. As Kluke wonders off from the group Adropov sees this and wonders if he should attack her while she is on her own. He decides not to though because it's not part of his orders. Kluke then stops at a flower garden and smiles at all the beautiful flowers. Andorpov stares at her beauty and seems to develop a big crush on her from then on.

During episode 41 he is assigned to capture one of the shadow wielders for General Logi to interrogate. He chooses to kidnap Kluke whether or not he kidnapped her because of his crush on her or just because she was the weakest target at the time is unclear. While Kluke is being held at General Logi's base she realizes that they have put a bracelet on her to prevent her from summoning her shadow phoenix. Andropov talks to Kluke and tells her the reason he fights is to become stronger. Kluke tells him that his reason to fight is rather sad and tells him the reason she fights is to help the people. Andropov seems to soften a bit at her comment and wonders what it is like to have a real friend. He also grows concerned for Klukes well being, worrying about what punishment General Logi has in mind for her. Andropov makes the decision to let her escape by leaving her the key to the bracelet (which he later says that he left it accidentally, although we know that it's not true).

When the two groups later join Andropov and Kluke become friends. He is almost always seen blushing around her. From that point on he becomes a good guy.

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