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Character Profile: Sister Rosette Christopher

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sister Rosette ChristopherSister Rosette Christopher (ロゼット・クリストファ)Sister Rosette Christopher (Chrono Crusade)
16 years old (source: manga volume 3)16 years old (source: manga volume 3)
5'6"168 cm
135 lbs61.2 kg
Exorcist/Nun for the Magdelane OrderExorcist/Nun for the Magdelane Order
"I will continue searching for Joshua no matter what!"
· · ·
"I'm going to let you hear the sound of my gospel amen!"
Hilary HaagTomoko Kawakami
Episode 1Episode 1
Chrono CrusadeChrono Crusade

Character Description: Sister Rosette Christopher

Rosette in an exorcist/nun for the special division called The Order of Magdalene. The Order of Magdalene is a division that deals with demons and other supernatural happenings. Rosette and her demon partner Chrono work with the Order of Magdalene to stop demons from causing chaos and to find Rosette's little brother Joshua.

The whole reason she joined the Order of Magdalene happened four years before she even trusted the order. Rosette and Joshua were basically like brother and sister (though not blood related); they lived along with a handful of other orphans at a nice orphanage.

Joshua was often looked at by people from the Order of Magdalene because he was strangely ill, but no one at the orphanage knew why. The reason he was ill was because he was one of the seven apostles of God; his power was of healing, but he couldn't heal himself, only others.

Rosette refused to trust the people from the Order, so she would help him run away. One time, they found an ancient tomb where they met the demon Chrono. Both of them were fascinated by him and loved to listen to his many stories.

One day, when Joshua had been very sick; Rosette had gone to visit Chrono when they met the demon Aion. Aion offered to give Chrono his demon horns back, but he refused. So, Aion gave them to Joshua and made him so powerful he couldn't control it.

Joshua unintentionally froze everyone in time at the orphanage and Rosette had no choice but to leave for her own safety. Chrono and Rosette then became partners to try to help Joshua but were already too late because Aion had taken Joshua.

Later in the series, as Chrono and Rosette meet Azmaria (the Apostle of Charity) and Satella (a Jewel Witch) they find out more about Aion and his plot to use the apostles to cause the apocalypse. They also find out that Rosette is an apostle that rules over all the rest, she is Mary of Magdalene, because of the stigmata that they find on her wrists and forehead. She acquires some powers and also is able to transform into an angel. Most of her powers are similar to the original Mary of Magdalene, but she is also able to see the future, past, or present.

Rosette wants the time that was taken from her by Chrono (which was willingly). At first she tries to kill him since her blood is like holy water, but stopped when Chrono talked some sense into her. She and Chrono then killed Aion with Aion's own horns, the ones that freezes time. All of this is in episode 23 through 24. In episode 24, Rosette and Chrono die in a small house they've been living in for 2-3 days.

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