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Jeremie BelpoisJeremie BelpoisJeremie Belpois (Code Lyoko)
Einstein (by his friends)
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Braniac (by his friends)
12 years old12 years old
Black (wears glasses)Black (wears glasses)
4'8"142 cm
68 lbs.30.8 kg
Technical OperatorTechnical Operator
"Return to the past, now."
Sharon Mann
Code LyokoCode Lyoko

Character Description: Jeremie Belpois

Jeremie has an IQ approaching that of super genius. His gifted intellect, resourceful skills with computers and excellent grades are signs he has a bright future in the technological working world someday. He is an important asset to the Lyoko crew as he is the one who stays in contact with Aelita via his dorm's computer and his laptop when they're on the go. Jeremie utilizes a useful program called the Super Scan to detect if XANA has activated any towers on Lyoko. If one is activated, the scan picks it up and the team are off to do what they do best: stop XANA from killing innocent people with his attack. Between Jeremie and Aelita, it's quite obvious they like each other, but Jeremie is shy (as most brainy kids normally are) and has trouble explaining the human concept of love to her when she asks.

Jeremie is the technical wizard of the Lyoko team and the only one of the four humans who doesn't go to Lyoko. He has no actual combat skills and therefore is the one who stays in the real world to operate the Super Computer, the complicated machine that aids the kids in all their Lyoko expeditions. Jeremie actually has a lot to do when he's operating the computer. First, he sends his friends to Lyoko using scanners in a room beneath the Super Computer. He also keeps track of any monsters approaching his friends as well as reads off the remaining Life Point totals to them when they incur damage. Jeremie has a bad habit of telling his friends to hurry up, but he has no idea how difficult the combat can be on Lyoko and only wants to make sure XANA's attack doesn't kill anyone. Jeremie's final function is programming a return trip to the past so that everyone's memories will be erased (except that of the Lyoko crew) so that no ever finds the source of the trouble (which would be the factory the kids use as their base). It's important that they go back into the past quickly before someone loses their life, otherwise going back in time won't bring that person back.

Since Season 2 began, Jeremie has been more careful about using the return to the past option because the team has recently learned going back in time increases XANA's strength, making his next attack even more dangerous and difficult than the last.

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