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Anime Profile: Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and DragonsKurosu Anju Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo (クロスアンジュ 天使と竜の輪舞)Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons
25 TV episodes25 TV episodes
October 4, 2014–March 28, 2015
Section23/Sentai FilmworksKadokawa Shoten, Sunrise, Bandai Channel, Bandai Namco Live Creative, Starchild Records, Project Ange
Kenjiro Takeshita
Yoshiharu Ashino (芦野 芳晴)
Action, Mecha, Sci-FiAction, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Alektra Maria von Levenherz/Jill ⊕
· · ·
Angelese Ikaluga Misurugi/Ange ⊕Angelese Ikaluga Misurugi/Ange ⊕
· · ·
Embryo ⊕
· · ·
Ersha ⊕
· · ·
Julio Asuka Misurugi ⊕Julio Asuka Misurugi ⊕
· · ·
Maggy ⊕
· · ·
-- more listed below ---- more listed below --

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Characters: Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Alektra Maria von Levenherz/Jill ⊕ --?-- Momoka Oginome ⊕ Momoka Oginome ⊕
Angelese Ikaluga Misurugi/Ange ⊕ Angelese Ikaluga Misurugi/Ange ⊕ Rosalie ⊕ --?--
Embryo ⊕ --?-- Salamandinay/Sala ⊕ --?--
Ersha ⊕ --?-- Salia ⊕ --?--
Julio Asuka Misurugi ⊕ Julio Asuka Misurugi ⊕ Sylvia Ikaluga Misurugi ⊕ --?--
Maggy ⊕ --?-- Tusk ⊕ --?--
Mei ⊕ --?-- Vivian ⊕ --?--

Description: Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

In the thousand years that humanity, through advanced technology, achieved the ability to use 'Mana', all the ails of the world – war, famine and disease – are now a thing of the past. However, not all is rosy. Those who for some reason cannot use Mana – Normas – are regarded as outcasts, and are shunned from society.

Angelese Ikaluga Misuragi, a 16 year-old princess, had grew-up in the lap of luxury, often speaking openly of her desire for the eradication of the Normas. However, on the eve of ascending to the throne, her brother reveals the fact that SHE is a Norma herself! Now cast aside, Ange, as she is now known, is exiled to the island of Arzenel, where she must now become a mail-rider, protecting the world that has shunned her against the dragons that threaten it. All the while, Ange must somehow find a way to reclaim her honor – as well as set right the world!

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