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USA Info
Japanese Info
Alice AcademyGakuen Alice
26 Episodes26 Episodes
Enoki Films 
 Tachibana Higuchi
Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Paranormal, RomanceAction, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
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Hotaru ImaiHotaru Imai(今井 蛍)
· · ·
Mikan SakuraMikan Sakura(佐倉蜜柑)
· · ·
Misaki HaradaMisaki Harada(原田 美咲)
· · ·
Mr. NarumiMr. Narumi(é³´æµ·)
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Characters: Alice Academy

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Anna Anna(アンナ) Mr. Misaki ⊕ Mr. Misaki(岬) ⊕
Hotaru Imai Hotaru Imai(今井 蛍) Mr. Noda ⊕ Mr. Noda(野田) ⊕
Mikan Sakura Mikan Sakura(佐倉蜜柑) Nonoko ⊕ Nonoko(野乃子) ⊕
Misaki Harada Misaki Harada(原田 美咲) Persona ⊕ Persona(ペルソナ) ⊕
Mr. Narumi Mr. Narumi(鳴海) Piyo ⊕ Piyo ⊕
Ms. Serina Yamada Ms. Serina Yamada(山田瀬里奈) Sono Kaname ⊕ Sono Kaname ⊕
Natsume Hyuga Natsume Hyuuga(日向 棗) Tsubasa Andou ⊕ Tsubasa Andou(安藤翼) ⊕
Ruka Nogi Ruka Nogi(乃木流架) Yome Kokoro ⊕ Yome Kokoro(心読君) ⊕
Sumire Shoda Sumire Shouda(正田スミレ) Youichi Hijiri ⊕ Youichi Hijiri(聖陽一) ⊕
Mr. Bear ⊕ Mr. Bear ⊕ Yuu Tobita ⊕ Yuu Tobita(飛田裕) ⊕
Mr. Jinno ⊕ Mr. Jinno(神野) ⊕    

Description: Alice Academy

Alice Academy is a school for special children with special abilities. Mikan Sakura is your typical small-town, clumsy little girl... until her best friend Hotaru Imai transferred to another school. Hotaru only sent one letter to Mikan for the past 6 months. Worried, Mikan went to Tokyo to look for Hotaru's new school.

When she got there, two guys where hanging around the school, and they thought she was an Alice, and were about to kidnap her but a teacher from Alice Academy stepped up and used his Alice to save Mikan. He also tried to use his Alice on Mikan, but to his surprise it didn't work. So he asked Mikan to come with him to the academy, but unfortunately someone interrupted by blowing up the walls of the school... a guy with a black mask... a student in the academy.

Alice Academy isn't a secret organization, but in fact it is just a school for geniuses as they call it.