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Character Profile: Mr. Narumi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mr. Narumi Narumi-Sensei(鳴海) Mr. Narumi (Alice Academy)
Naru Naru
Human Human
Male Male
27 years old 27 years old
Light Blond Light Blond
Purple Purple
5'10" 179 cm
Type O Type O
Teacher at the academy, previous Special Alice Star student Teacher at the academy, previous Special Alice Star student
Don't you dare lay a finger on one of my students!  
  Akira Ishida
Episode 2, Welcome To Alice Academy! Episode 2, Welcome To Alice Academy!
Alice Academy Gakuen Alice

Character Description: Mr. Narumi

Narumi-sensei is the homeroom teacher of Class B of the elementary division of the school. He hardly comes into his class and often leaves the class in the hands of Fukutan, the substitute teacher. He teaches Japanese and has a weird hobby of dressing up in strange outfits. Not many students respect him, especially Natsume, but they listen to him because they don't want to be victims of his pheromone alice or his infamous bean whip. His alice is the human pheromone alice and he is classified as a somatic type alice user. His alice can control older people and make little kids pass out.

Narumi appears to be a funny and cheerful teacher, and unlike Jinno, he cares a lot about his students. He likes to steal bean whips from Misaki-sensei's greenhouse and he is often scolded because of that. He also comes up with the weirdest ideas for plays and he just loves dressing up. Narumi and Misaki-sensei are best friends, even though they always fight. Misaki also said that Narumi's alice suits him really well.

In the manga, the Special Ability students found an album filled with pictures of Narumi and Misaki when they were kids. Narumi is often misunderstood but as everyone says, "Don't judge a book by it's cover!"

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