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Anime Profile: Tenchi in Tokyo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tenchi in Tokyo Shin Tenchi Muyo!("New No Need For Tenchi!")(新・天地無用!) Tenchi in Tokyo
· · ·
  New No Need For Tenchi!
26 TV episodes 26 TV episodes
January 12, 1999(DVD) April 1, 1997–Sept 23, 1997
· · ·
August 25, 2000–Sept 29, 2000(Cartoon Network broadcast)  
FUNimation(as of July 2, 2010), Geneon(formally Pioneer Ent.) AIC/Pioneer LDC/Sotsu Eizo/TV Tokyo
  Masaki Kajishima
  Nobuhiro Takamoto
Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Paranormal Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, Paranormal
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Anime Characters: Tenchi in Tokyo

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayeka Jurai Ayeka Jurai Sasami Jurai Sasami Jurai
Katsuhito Masaki Katsuhito Masaki Tenchi Masaki Tenchi Masaki
Kazuhiko Amagasaki Kazuhiko Amagasaki Washu Hakubi Washu Hakubi
Kiyone Makibi Kiyone Makibi Yugi Yugi
Mihoshi Kuramitsu Mihoshi Kuramitsu Hotsuma Hotsuma
Nobuyuki Masaki Nobuyuki Masaki Matori Matori
Ryo-Ohki Ryo-Ohki Tsugaru Tsugaru
Ryoko Hakubi Ryoko Hakubi Umanosuke Tsuchida Umanosuke Tsuchida
Sakuya Kumashiro Sakuya Kumashiro    

Anime Description: Tenchi in Tokyo

This is the second Tenchi TV series, and is once again set in a new, separate universe.

In this TV series, Tenchi leaves Okayama Prefecture to Tokyo for training as a Shinto priest. Naturally, the girls can't stand to be apart from him for any amount of time, so they find ways to be with him, often with hilarious results.

Along the way, Tenchi finds a new love, which doesn't bode well with Ryoko and Ayeka. But soon, the clan finds themselves in an adventure in which the whole universe is at stake.

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