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Character Profile: Naomi Misora

USA Info
Japanese Info
Naomi Misora Naomi Misora(南空 ナオミ) Naomi Misora (Death Note)
Shoko Maki Shoko Maki(間木 照子)
Japanese Japanese
Female Female
27 years old(at time of death) 27 years old(at time of death)
Black Black
Black Black
5'6" 168 cm
101 lbs 45.8 kg
Former FBI Agent Former FBI Agent
"L has my complete trust."  
Tabitha St. Germain Naoko Matsui
Manga Chapter 8, Anime Episode 5 Manga Chapter 8, Anime Episode 5
Death Note Death Note

Character Description: Naomi Misora

Naomi Misora was one or Kira (Light Yagami)'s victims. She was engaged to Raye Penber, also an FBI agent who was tailing Light to gather information of him possibly being Kira, but their marriage was cut short due to his death. Naomi soon decides after trying to find information about her fiancé's death that she knows that Kira can kill his victims with other ways than a heart attack. When she does try to contact L, he could not answer her due to him being in another meeting regarding Kira. Light offers to help her with her problem once he hears Kira's name mentioned in her argument.

Light and Naomi share a conversation while on their way to the Head Office, and Naomi becomes extremely cautious around Light, suspecting that he may well be Kira. She even uses a fake ID with him. Although Naomi puts up a decent fight against Light, he eventually takes advantage of her and then kills her.

In the Death Note novel, Death Note, Another Note: Los Angeles B.B Murder cases, Naomi plays a huge role acting as the main detective with the B.B case before Kira. She eventually teams up with L and manages to stop the murderer, B.B, just in time.

In Death Note Volume 13, How to Read, it is mentioned by both Ohba and Obata that they were sad to see her go.

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