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Character Profile: Misaki Kureha

USA Info
Japanese Info
Misaki Kureha Misaki Kureha Misaki Kureha (Divergence Eve)
Human Human
Female Female
18 years old 18 years old
Aqua(or blue) Aqua(or blue)
Aqua(or blue) Aqua(or blue)
Elite cadet Elite cadet
Kira Vincent-Davis Yumi Kakazu
Episode 1 Episode 1
Divergence Eve Divergence Eve

Character Description: Misaki Kureha

Misaki is an 18 year old Japanese elite cadet in a team of probationary pilots. Misaki happens to be the daughter of a former officer who died when she was very young. Anyways, her reasons for joining the army is for a better job, but it didn't seem like she'd make it (because of her clumsiness), and yet she was selected as a cadet.

Later on, you learn that Misaki actually has a "ghoul" living within of her. It's in an episode of the first season where you see Misaki struggling in her chair, and all of a sudden her clothes are torn apart and she finds herself nude, face-to-face with the ghoul. Then she "transforms" into something like the ghoul and made it go away somehow. Then she falls back into her seat, 'cause she was floating nude... and then Lyar came to get her.

The ghoul within Misaki is very "confusing" and terrifying at the same time. For example, in another episode, Misaki finds herself in a dark place, but sees her friends laughing and smiling. Misaki then tries to run to them, but notices the ghoul within her shows up. Misaki tries to scream "run away!" Sadly, they didn't hear Misaki. But then Luxandra noticed the ghoul and pointed at it as Suzanna hugs her because she's scared, while Kiri backs up. Then they were torn in half with blood everywhere as the ghoul takes the form of Misaki nude.

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