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AuraAura (アウラ)Aura (.hack//sign)
Sleeping Angel
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Artificial Intelligence (AI)
As old as "The World"As old as "The World"
White (sometimes with neon color swirls)White (sometimes with neon color swirls)
Jade/light blueJade/light blue
3'3"About 99 cm
About 60-65 lbsAbout 27-30 kg
Key of the TwilightKey of the Twilight
" The power it holds...can bring forth...either, salvation...or destruction....at the whim of the user...."
Lia SargantMaaya Sakamoto
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.hack//Legend of the Twilight.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu

Character Description: Aura

Aura is perhaps the most odd character in .hack//sign (apart from Maha). She is also a somewhat frightening character.

The only time we ever see Aura is when she is floating above a white bed, dressed in an elaborate white dress. Aura does not speak (the female "Guardian" voice that Tsukasa often hears is Morganna, not Aura).

Whenever Tsukasa touches Aura, he has a flashback to the past, and often, these flashbacks are of a negative nature. Tsukasa also occasionally has dreams/delusions about Aura. One in particular starts out beautifully- Tsukasa dreams that he is running through the forest whilst holding Aura's hand. She appears in a tree at the end of the dream and Tsukasa reaches out to catch her. As she falls, however, she produces a knife and stabs Tsukasa in the heart. She lays with him on the ground, driving the knife into his body. And at this point we see Subaru's "signature" on her forehead.

Ultimately, Aura's motives are not always clear. Whilst she does appear to provide Tsukasa with some level of comfort and/or protection, she seems to terrorize him at the same time. Tsukasa's "relationship" with Aura is portrayed as a double-edged sword. Even though she seems to increase his fear of real life and his past, she also provides him with some level of comfort, safety and reassurance.

In the manga, Aura sort of has a daughter called Zefie, which is a vagrant AI that calls herself the child of Aura. But don't let her cute looks fool you! Her personality can be a bit... difficult.

Character Description: Aura

Aura is the "last hope" in The World, as Harold, the game's developer, once said to Bear and Mimiru... Her connection to Tsukasa is a very deep and intimate one. Tsukasa's current mood or outlook somehow affects Aura's growth. As the story unravels, Moruganna's true intention of eliminating Aura by manipulating Tsukasa surfaces, but was foiled by the dot hackers, resulting in Aura's long awaited awakening.

Harold the "Broken Man" is Aura's father, and Emma, the writer of the epitath, or known as Morgana is her mother.

Character Description: Aura

The story is set four years after the PS2 games which are at the heart of project .hack.

After she won two special edition character designs, Rena talks her twin brother, Shugo, into playing "the World" with her. They seemed to be normal players, with the exception of the strange bracelet given to Shugo by the Aura. But no...Twilight is drawing near once more

Aura is the only character who has appeared in every series and game of project .hack. She gives Shugo Kite's bracelet... and his first kiss.

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