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Character Profile: Re-l Mayer

USA Info
Japanese Info
Re-l Mayer Riru Meiyā(リル・メイヤー) Re-l Mayer (Ergo Proxy)
Princess(said by Iggy, in humorous ways)  
Human Human
Female Female
19 years old(source: said in episode 7) 19 years old(source: said in episode 7)
Black Black
Blue Blue
5'4" or more 163 cm or more
Perhaps around 120 lbs Perhaps around 54.4 kg
Inspector Inspector
"Mind your own business!" "Mou ii!"
Karen Thompson Rie Saitō
Episode 1: Pulse of Awakening/Awakening Episode 1: Hajimari no Kodō(はじまりの鼓動/Awakening)
Ergo Proxy Ergo Proxy

Character Description: Re-l Mayer

Re-l Mayer is the main female protagonist and one of the main characters of Ergo Proxy. An emotionally cold and aloof inspector, she has less regard for rules. Re-l is a bit a perfectionist, quick-tempered, and has a need to be in control. She also demands people around her to treat her with respect. She is also the granddaughter of Donov Mayer, the Regent of Romdo, but she despises it, because she doesn't like to be seen as a "royal figure", and is constantly being lectured whenever she visits her grandfather, especially because of her constant heavy probing of too much headway into the mystery of the "Proxy".

At home, Re-l is attacked in her home by 2 monsters, known as a "Proxy", which she encountered earlier, while being put in charge of investigating a series of brutal murders that apparently committed by AutoReivs infected with the Cogito Virus. Because of the attack, Re-l is relieved from her duties, due to her "mental state", being concerned by other people saying her mental health is in a state of shock. With the burning desire of need to investigate the mysteries of the "Proxy", she is later joined up by Vincent Law and an infected companion-type AutoReiv, Pino.

Re-l has a huge resemblance and has a very similar look of American rock band's lead vocalist, Amy Lee, from their debut album's, Fallen, cover.

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