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Joe HigashiJoe Higashi (Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf)
Thai kickboxerThai kickboxer
"Money can get you what you need."
Jason Gray-Stanford
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry WolfBattle Fighters: Garou Densetsu
· · ·
Fatal Fury 2: The New BattleBattle Fighters: Garou Densetsu 2
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Fatal Fury: The Motion PictureBattle Fighters: The Motion Picture

Character Description: Joe Higashi

Joe is friends with the Bogard Brothers and Mai Shiranui. He varies from good-looking to just plain goofy with his crazy hair style (how does that stay up anyway?). Sometimes he will show some intelligence on figuring out mysteries like Andy or Terry, but academics were never really Joe's strong suit (reading makes him sleepy, or so he whines).

He is loud, obnoxious, crude, hot-headed, arrogant, and sometimes a pest, but those are the things that make Joe likeable. Joe has his faults, but it doesn't make him a bad person because he would do anything for his friends, a decent fight, or both. One you get past his little quirks, he's a decent guy who watches out for his friends. Being a good sparring partner with Andy, drinking buddy to Terry, and average pest to Mai, you couldn't ask for a better friend than Joe.

Joe normally stays at hotels and such because his fighting circuit travels, so he never really has much experience with housework, cooking skills, etc. He usually he eats out. Rumor has it his favorite food is fried alligator meat!

His combat skills are pretty good, but he could be a better fighter if he kept his ego in check. Usually he believes that he's better than anyone else in fighting, and tends to get into more trouble than he can handle. He sometimes jumps into a fight without capable knowledge of his opponent's abilities, and his gloating over his opponents can leave him open for attacks.

Some of Joe's special abilities are the Tiger Kick, Hurricane Punch, and Screw Upper. He has various other moves in his arsenal, and they are mostly associated with the wind, so you know Joe loves it fast and furious.

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