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Character Profile: Andy Bogard

USA Info
Japanese Info
Andy Bogard   Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf)
Human Human
Male Male
Blonde/Silver Blonde/Silver
Blue Blue
Younger brother of Terry  
"I'll give it all I got"  
Peter Wilds  
Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf Battle Fighters: Garou Densetsu
· · ·
Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle Battle Fighters: Garou Densetsu 2
· · ·
Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture Battle Fighters: The Motion Picture

Character Description: Andy Bogard

Andy is the younger bother of Terry. He is a martial artist/street fighter just like his brother, but when he went on his training journey, he went to a different town from Terry, and learned his own technique. He is truly talented in his skill, but he can never seem to beat his brother. He has the undivided attention of Mai Sheranui, granddaughter of Hanso Sheranui, the man who trained Andy.

Andy started to fight for the same reason as his brother Terry, to avenge his fathers death. Andy's a little more high strung then his brother and doesn't take martial arts as lightly. In the beginning his only ambitions were to beat his brother in battle, learn the secret technique of his martial arts school, and kill Geese Howard. But that changed when he realized he isn't strong enough to, so he let's his brother defeat him. After that, he decides to go on a second training journey to become perfect.

The second time you see Andy he is a lot better and faster than before, and he is ready to fight Terry, but this time just for fun. Then Andy receives word that Terry was badly beaten and had gone underground. He leaves so he can avenge his brother. But Terry doesn't want him to go anywhere near Wolfgang Krauser. Andy doesn't listen. He and Mai travel to Europe to find Krauser, who is traveling abroad with the queen of England. But, Krauser's disciple, Lawerance Blood, captures Mai and does something to her (you never really find out; all he says is "I taught her a lesson for overstepping her boundaries"). So Andy gets pissed at this, and nearly kills him. After that, Andy and Mai get a little closer (hhhmmm...), and Andy gives up trying to avenge his brother, for he knows that his brother will take care of it. And just as he figured, Terry did.

About a year Andy has last seen Terry, Terry is comes to Joe's celebration for wining a bog boxing match. Andy is thrilled to see his big brother again. But, then enters Sulia who asks for their help to find the Armor of Mars and help save her brother. They all agree, and fly to Rhode Island in the Mediterranean. They discover that it was a lot harder than they expected, and in the end her brother beats them to it. During the fight with her brother, Andy expresses his love for Mai. No one else can fight, as it has become solely Terry's fight. Sulia had to kill herself to save her brother, and when her brother lost the armor (which turned him in to a god), the armor came to life, and took the form of Mars, the god of war. But, he was pure energy, and the only thing that could stop him was Terry, who was almost pure energy by now. In the end, he comes out the victor, but is scared from losing yet another loved one.

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