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Character Profile: Kana

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kana Kana Kana (Fruits Basket)
Human Human
Female Female
About 25 years old About 25 years old
Dirty blonde Dirty blonde
Brown Brown
About 5'2" About 157 cm
About 110 lbs About 49.9 kg
Hatori's love Hatori's love
"I'm sorry, Hatori" "I'm sorry, Hatori"
Libby Smith Minami Kinoshita
Fruits Basket Fruits Basket

Character Description: Kana

Kana was a very sweet girl who began working with Hatori as his assistant. They ended up spending a lot of time together, and her way of thinking astounded Hatori. Kana asked "what do you think snow becomes when it melts?" Hatori replied with "It'll become water of course." She makes the sound of a buzzer showing that he's wrong and says "Wrong! It becomes spring!" (Hatori later asks Tohru the same question and she gives him Kana's answer, which also surprises him.)

One day, Hatori ended up changing into the seahorse, and Kana was scared because she didn't know if she should put him in fresh water or salt water! After Hatori changed back, Kana finally understood why Hatori wouldn't hold her, but that didn't change her love for him.

They finally went to Akito to tell him they were planning on getting married. Akito was pissed and ended up injuring Hatori's eye. Akito then yelled and screamed at Kana telling her it would be her fault if Hatori couldn't see and it was her fault all of it happened. Kana then had an emotional break down and never recovered.

Due to that, Akito ordered Hatori to erase Kana's memories, as a kind of gift to Kana. (Akito's one twisted guy isn't he?) When Hatori did, Kana apologized for not being able to protect him. She then left his services and ended up getting married to someone else later on.

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