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Character Profile: Karl Lichter von Randoll

USA Info
Japanese Info
Karl Lichter von Randoll Karl Richter von Randoll(カール リヒター フォン ランドル) Karl Lichter von Randoll (Future GPX Cyber Formula)
Human Human
Male Male
14 years old(born July 7, 2001) 14 years old(born July 7, 2001)
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
5'1" 155 cm
99.2 lbs 45 kg
Type AB Type AB
Future GPX Cyber Formula Cyber Formula: Shinseki-GPX

Character Description: Karl Lichter von Randoll

Randoll is a teenage boy who dislikes Hayato Kazami most of the time. Hayato first saw him in a TV interview about his accomplishments. Asuka didn't like what he said about Cyber Formula Racing, and so confronts him outside the TV station about being so arrogant and proud of himself. Randoll just became quiet and admired Asuka about it (even though he was put to shame from what Asuka said), then Asuka ran away. But she fell in a fountain, getting all wet. Randoll extends an arm to help her, but Asuka just ignored it, but accepted Hayato's help, and both fell in the fountain.

Randoll wanted to invite only Asuka to something, but also invited Hayato. Then Randoll saw the beauty inside Asuka when she was wearing a special dress. The guardian of Randoll toured her around the garden (which looks more like a forest) and the horse got wild and ran away sending Asuka worried and Hayato came again to his rescue, and after the incident laughed, making Randoll jealous and desperately wanting to win Asuka's heart.

From then on Hayato and Randoll became mortal enemies not only in Cyber Formula Racing but also in Asuka's attention. The rivalry ended when on a World Grand Prix Challenge, Randoll asked Asuka what's the difference between Hayato and him. After the conversation, he challenged Hayato, "Whoever wins the race, get's Asuka's kiss". During the race Hayato is determined not to let Randoll win (for the Grand Prix and of course Asuka's kiss). He accidentally sent Randoll's car flying (while on a low curve between the seas) directly to the vast sea. So it ended there, Randoll defeated and Hayato was the champion.

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