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Character Profile: Chibodee Crockett

USA Info
Japanese Info
Chibodee Crockett   Chibodee Crockett (Mobile Fighter G Gundam)
Queen of Spades  
Human Human
Male Male
20 years(born June 7, FC39) 20 years(born June 7, FC39)
Blue with Pink Streak Blue with Pink Streak
Green Green
6'3" 192 cm
191.4 lbs 87 kg
Type B Type B
Gundam Fighter for Neo-America(pilots Gundam Maxter) Gundam Fighter for Neo-America(pilots Gundam Maxter)
"I am the champion!"  
Roger Rhodes Yoshituda Otsuka
Mobile Fighter G Gundam Kidou Butoden G Gundam

Character Description: Chibodee Crockett

Chibodee Crocket, best fighter in Neo-America and the current "Queen of Spades", is a shining example to the people of the Neo-American slums. His childhood took a turn for the worse when his mother was killed in a freak circus incident. Left alone on the streets, he learned to survive with his fists: fists that would take him to the top. He's now a champion prizefighter whose fists are feared in the ring. Even seeming glancing blows will come back to haunt his opponents (as Domon found out for himself).

Chibodee likes to live the high life, enjoying his fame and money. He's usually accompanied by an entourage of ladies (Shirley, Bunny, Cath, and Janet) who help him out. In terms of his relationships with the other Gundam Fighters, he's generally laid back. Even after his humbling by Domon early in the tournament, his itching for a rematch is driven not by revenge but by a simple desire to go another round. He tends to develop friendly rivalries rather than heated animosity.

Chibodee's Gundam for the 13th Gundam Fight is called Gundam Maxter. It's primarily built around his specialty: boxing. Maxter's punches are augmented by two Fighting Knuckles that unfold when needed and further shielded by his shoulder armor, which can detach and become boxing gloves. Gundam Maxter also sports a second "Boxing" mode. Eschewing its chest armor, Gundam Maxter becomes faster, enabling Chibodee to really crank out the punches. Gundam Maxter's shield doubles as a hoverboard.

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