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Character Profile: Phantom Cats

USA Info
Japanese Info
Phantom Cats Bake-Neko Phantom Cats (Geobreeders)
Cats(by Kagura Security)  
Phantom Cats Phantom Cats
-- varies -- -- varies --
Varies Varies
-- varies -- -- varies --
Gold Gold
-- varies -- -- varies --
-- varies -- -- varies --
Geobreeders Geobreeders

Character Description: Phantom Cats

The Phantom Cats are living electrical charges. They have the ability to enter any electronic device, computers, PDAs, ATMs, etc., via a telephone line, power line, or interface of an electronic device.

Phantom CatWhen inside a electronic device, Phantom Cats can't be detected, or removed. Phantom Cats can also take control of anything they are inside, by rewritting the programming, activating functions of the device, or using the device to escape into the city powergrid.

Phantom Cats can also take the form of either a cat, or a human with golden cat like eyes, and sometimes cat ears and a tail. They usually use the cat form to escape from a dangerous situation, while they use the human form to fight against Kagura Security, and anyone else that gets in their way. Phantom Cats can change their arms into large cat arms with claws at the end, like a cat's claw. Also, Phantom Cats can regenerate any wound that they recieve while in human form, except a wound from another Phantom Cat. This makes it almost impossible to stop a Phantom Cat.

Kagura Security uses special "seals." The seals are connected to a portable computer. When four seals are placed around a Phantom Cat, and activated by the portable computer that the seals are connected to, it can be used to capture a Phantom Cat and download the cat onto a diskette, and then delete them from the diskette.

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