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Anime Profile: Great Dangaioh

USA Info
Japanese Info
Great Dangaioh Haja-Kyosei G Dangaioh Great Dangaioh
· · ·
G-Dangaioh(alternate title)  
13 TV episodes 13 TV episodes
Novermber 12, 2002 April 5, 2001–July 5, 2001
Viz AIC/TV Ashi Pro/avex mode
  Toshihiro Hirano
  Toshiki Hirano
Action, Mecha Action, Mecha
Dangaioh Hyper Combat Unit Haja Taisei Dangaioh
Dr. Kamazaki Dr. Kamazaki
· · ·
Hitomi Chidou Hitomi Chidou
· · ·
Kasumi Yamagata Kasumi Yamagata
· · ·
Kuya Amagi Kuya Amagi
· · ·
Madame Midorikawa Madame Midorikawa
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Great Dangaioh

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Dr. Kamazaki Dr. Kamazaki Mia Alice Mia Alice
Hitomi Chidou Hitomi Chidou Miya Shikitani Miya Shikitani
Kasumi Yamagata Kasumi Yamagata Professor Katou Professor Katou
Kuya Amagi Kuya Amagi Reisen Kyoji Reisen Kyoji
Madame Midorikawa Madame Midorikawa Shima Ryuuko Shima Ryuuko
Manami Mishio Manami Mishio Von Dinosaur Von Dinosaur

Anime Description: Great Dangaioh

This long-awaited sequel to Dangaioh begins on Earth with a mysterious explosion witnessed by a young girl living on Futagami Island. It turns out to be a warning of an approaching threat to the world's survival.

Ten years later, the world is attacked by Professor Katou and his Tartarus Knights. As they begin to lay waste to the world, Katou seems victorious until his forces are encountered by three powerful robots launched from Futagami Island. These powerful mecha are the three new Dangaioh units, piloted by three young teenagers to counter Katou's threat. All three units form together to create the unstoppable Great Dangaioh!

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