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Character Profile: Jamil Neate

USA Info
Japanese Info
Jamil Neate Jamil Neate Jamil Neate (After War: Gundam X)
Jamil Neate (After War: Gundam X)
Newtype Newtype
Male Male
30 years old 30 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
5'11" 180 cm
163.1 lbs 74 kg
Former UNE Soldier and Gundam Pilot, Captain of the Landship Freeden Former UNE Soldier and Gundam Pilot, Captain of the Landship Freeden
  "A nightmare. A 15-year old nightmare."(refering to the Gundam X)
  Kenyuu Horiuchi
Episode 1: "Is There a Moon?" Episode 1: "Is There a Moon?"
After War: Gundam X Kidou Shin Seiki Gundam X

Character Description: Jamil Neate

Jamil Neate is the stern and stoic Captain of the landship Freeden. However, despite his demeanor, he hides a tragic past that comes to light as the series goes on. Formally, when Jamil was a young pilot, he first piloted the Gundam X during the chaotic Seventh Space War. He piloted the Gundam X and led an entire force during the final moments of the war. It was at that time when the Space Revolutionary Army proceeded with the plan to force the UNE's surrender by threatening to drop colonies onto the planet. However, it was his decision to fire that instigated the Space Revolutionary Army to proceed with the mass Colony Drop, causing the destruction of the Earth's surface the death of billions of people. Ever since that tragic incident, it weighed heavy on Jamil's conscience and traumatized him from ever piloting a Mobile Suit again.

Since then, he became a pirate during the After War era, gaining enough power and respect to become Captain of his own lanndship (known as the Freeden). Since then, he's been on a quest for redemption, and attempts to help search for and protect the remaining Newtypes from the War with the help of the young Newtype Tifa Adiel. As time goes on he becomes a mentor to scavenger Garrod Ran as he joins the crew and fights with the Gundam X, eventually coaxing him out of his "cockpit phobia."

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