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Character Profile: Viral

USA Info
Japanese Info
Viral Viral Viral (Gurren Lagann)
Beastman Beastman
Male Male
Pale Blond Pale Blond
Yellow(Cat-like) Yellow(Cat-like)
5'10" 178 cm
Beastman warrior, co-pilot of Gurren Lagann(post timeskip) Beastman warrior, co-pilot of Gurren Lagann(post timeskip)
Sam Riegel Nobuyuki Hiyama
Episode 3: "Who do you think you are, having two faces?" Episode 3: "Who do you think you are, having two faces?"
Gurren Lagann Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Character Description: Viral

Viral is a beastman. To be precise, he is a humanoid hybrid of cat and shark. A member of Spiral King Lordgenome's Human Execution Squad, Viral encountered Kamina as he was hunting for food. The following day, Viral in his Gunmen Enki was fighting Kamina in his Lagann. Once Lagann combined with Simon's Gurren, however, Enki was no match for the newly formed Gurren Lagann. Still, Viral would seek to avenge this defeat.

After Tymilph and Adiane, two generals whom he served, were killed in battle, Viral again fought Gurren Lagann. It was at that time that he discovered that the one he fought all this time was Simon, since Kamina had died during the battle to claim the Dai-Gunzan (now the Dai-Gurren). Afterwards, Lordgenome showed Viral the truth behind the Beastmen's existence before making him immortal. At first Viral thought he could use his immortality to defeat Simon, but in reality, Lordgenome wanted Viral to witness Lordgenome's victory against the humans. When THAT did not come to pass, Viral had disappeared.

Seven years later, Viral was captured and sent to prison, where afterwards he encountered Simon, who had been imprisoned. When Yoko came to free Simon, Viral joined him. Soon enough, Viral became the pilot of Lagann, joining Simon and Team Dai-Gurren against the Anti-Spirals.

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