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Character Profile: Bodoro

USA Info
Japanese Info
Bodoro Bodoro Bodoro (Hunter x Hunter)
Human Human
Male Male
50's 50's
Gray Gray
Black Black
Martial Artist Martial Artist
"I do not fight Children" "I do not fight Children"
Hunter x Hunter Hunter x Hunter

Character Description: Bodoro

Bodoro is a martial artist who entered the Hunter Exam the same year as Gon and the others. Bodoro was examinee #191 during the Hunter exam.

During the course of the exam, Bodoro exhibited signs of a competitive rivalry with Gozu, a fellow martial artist and exam participant, though this rivalry was set aside in the dire circumstances of Lippo's "bonus stage" after the Trick Tower, where the two assisted Hanzo in reeling in Gon and Gerretta during the Tsunami.

During the build up to the finals, Bodoro suggests that the finals may in fact be a written exam, as all the other tests covered aspects regarding strength, endurance, courage and skill. It was, however, only a speculation, though the others all took it seriously.

Bodoro adheres to a personal code of honor that prevents him from fighting children, no matter what their combat ability is.

During the Final, tournament style exam, Bodoro's first match was against Hisoka, who he is unable to injure despite his experience as a fighter. After being knocked to the floor, Hisoka whispers something in his ear, and Bodoro surrenders. To this day, it is uncertain what exactly was said between them.

His next fight against Leorio is delayed, as Leorio didn't feel it fair that Bodoro had to fight while wounded. However, when the fight renewed, Killua interferes and suddenly stabs Bodoro in the back, through the chest. He was rushed to the hospital, but died before they could do anything.

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