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Takeshi JinTakeshi JinnoTakeshi Jin (IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix)
Punk (by Liz Ricarro)Punk (by Liz Ricarro)
18-20 Years Old18-20 Years Old
About 5'7"-6'0"About 170 cm-183 cm
About 125 lbs - 145 lbsAbout 56.7 kg - 65.8 kg
IG-1 Lead PilotIG-1 Lead Pilot
Haley Joel OsmentKouzou Mito
Episode 1Episode 1
IGPX: Immortal Grand PrixIGPX: Immortal Grand Prix

Character Description: Takeshi Jin

Takeshi Jin is the main character of IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix. He tends to be a little bit arrogant, and not think of his fellow teammates, Liz and Amy. His slender build, black hair, and brown eyes always seems appealing to the ladies. However, he chooses a fellow IG pilot named Fantine Valjean, as his girlfriend. His family life tends to be normal, but his sister always gets on his nerves.

His self-centeredness always gets in the way during a race, but he eventually realizes that he needs his fellow teammates. Without them, the IG-1 would have remained a dream. Everyone on Team Satomi knows his character could still continue to be worked on, but they cannot hide that he has true talent. He always fails his "simulator" practice, but he never loses his concentration on the racetrack. His IG Idol is The Rocket, and hopes to someday become as great as him, or better....

Character Description: Takeshi Jin

Being Team Satomi's forward, Takeshi Jin is a talented and gifted pilot who frequently butts heads with his fellow team mates, but they all recognize his extraordinary talent. He seems to take nothing seriously, but beneath that exterior, he is a very fierce competitor and has a strong desire to win. He has the talent to succeed, but if only he'd stop thinking about himself for a second.

He looks up to his idol, a very famous IGPX pilot known as "The Rocket". It is later revealed that team Satomi's coach, Andrei Rublev, is the famous Rocket. Takeshi was dating Fantine Valjean from Team Skylark, but they have since broken up.

It was rumored that Takeshi and Liz had feelings for one another, and in the last episode of the series the rumor was confirmed when they kissed each other. Takeshi said that from then on he would never let Liz go after she asked him to let go of her hand when they had announced that they were dating. Everyone was happy and cheered for them. Of course, Liz didn't like it, so she flipped him over, but to her surprise he held on to her just as he had promised. At that point, everyone was laughing and playing around.

Character Description: Takeshi Jin

Takeshi is the forward for Team Satomi and a really talented one at that. But even a good pilot can be unprepared for the IG-1. Takeshi has to deal with Alex Cunningham, the best pilot in the IG-1. After meeting Cunningham Takeshi becomes determined to beat the current IG-1 champ. But before he can do that he has to deal with his teammates. He continually fights with River Marque, until River quits Team Satomi and joins Team Sledge Mama. But Takeshi still butts head with his teammate Liz Ricarro.

Despite everything Takeshi manages to lead his team to become the champs of the IG-1. Although victory is sweet the gang still has to think about the next season and what will happen, especially with a new team coming into the IG-1.

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