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Character Profile: Kazuma Kannagi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kazuma Kannagi Kazuma Kannagi Kazuma Kannagi (Kaze no Stigma)
Kazuma Yagumi Kazuma Yagumi
Human Human
Male Male
22 years old 22 years old
Brown Brown
Brown; blue; red Brown; blue; red
Contractor Contractor
Robert McCollum Daiskuske Ono
Kaze no Stigma Kaze no Stigma

Character Description: Kazuma Kannagi

Kazuma is a contractor having made a contract with Kaze no Seirei - Ou (Wind Spirit Lord). He is able to control the wind and lighting, also he able to draw power from wind spirits in the atmosphere. This makes him strong, allowing him heal his own wounds. However, whenever he uses his powers it puts a stain on his body and his eyes turn azure blue.

When he is extremely angered, his eyes turn red and his wind turns black. He is also seen with mind reading powers. In this state, every one is his enemy. He cares not what he destroys, as long as he gets what he wants. His overall powers is weaker than in his normal state. Ayano helps him snap out of this state. He also states that his black winds are pathetic.

When he was 16 he was banished from his family, because he had no power. After that, getting great power was his only goal. He ended up in China, were he caused all kinds of trouble. Well, until he meet Cui-Lin he straightened out. Kazuma fell in love with her, and worked part-time at her restaurant. In time he even lived with her. Sadly his love was cut short when an organization used her to summon a demon. Blaming himself, he made a contract and killed the one responsible for her death. He quickly made a name for himself, "The Demon-Like Mage". However, when he returned to Japan four years later, he meet Ayano and his personality changed. At the end of the anime he says that he could never love anyone but Cui-Lin.

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